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UA 108/23
Aktiv seit 8. November 2023 | Noch 39 Tage Laufzeit

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Suggested messages

89 people from the fishing community of “El Bosque”, Mexico cannot stand by and wait for another tidal wave surge to completely devastate the community. Climate change #IsARadicalChange.
Demand President @lopezobrador_ #FairRelocation of El Bosque ➡️ (insert link of Urgent Action)

No one deserves to be homeless: we demand #FairRelocation for the families of El Bosque, who are suffering the consequences of a climate crisis they did not cause.
Demand the Mexican government #JusticiaClimáticaYa➡️ (insert link of Urgent Action)

"It was the most dreadful day of our lives. There are people who were left with nothing," recounts Guadalupe Cobos, forced to abandon  her home in the El Bosque community due to rising sea levels 🌊
We urgently demand #FairRelocation #SalvemosElBosque.
Take action ➡️ (insert link of Urgent Action)

#Mexico: El Bosque was home to 200 people. Its residents have been displaced by rising sea levels since 2019.
The harshness of a climate change they didn't cause has left them without a home.
Act for #FairRelocation ➡️ (insert link of Urgent Action)

"The government is slow to act but the sea won’t wait. We’re already running out of time because the cold front season is upon us”. Those were the words of Mrs. Guadalupe Cobos from "El Bosque", two weeks before another tidal wave devastated her community again. Demand #FairRelocation of El Bosque

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