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UA 074/23
Abgeschlossen am 28. August 2023

Human rights defender detained for protesting

AI-Index: AMR 13/7016/2023

Alberto Nallar, human rights lawyer who played a very active role in the protests in the Jujuy Province that began on 15 June, was detained on 13 July and charged with the crime of sedition. Since 14 July, Alberto Nallar has been under house arrest.


On 15 June 2023, the Constitutional Convention of Jujuy Province (Argentina) approved a constitutional reform that many believe was carried out in a precipitate manner, without public participation or publicity, and that could pose a threat to the collective rights and worldview of Indigenous peoples.

The adoption of the partial reform of the provincial Constitution was followed by protests which were reportedly met with violent police repression in the Jujuy Province, including irregularities and serious instances of excessive use of force by state officials. The response of the Jujuy Province security forces to the demonstrations was a serious violation of the rights to life and physical integrity, which are recognized and protected by local regulations and international law.

Protests by communities and civil society and human rights organizations are continuing in Jujuy Province as the Constitutional Convention has not withdrawn the recent constitutional reform. Between 12 and 13 July, arrest warrants were issued and arbitrary raids began against teachers, academics and human rights defenders. Since the protests began, at least 130 people have been detained, including human rights defenders.

Alberto Nallar is a lawyer and human rights defender; he unfailingly supported the popular mobilization against the constitutional reform and provided support and legal assistance to people detained during the mobilizations and their families. The crime of sedition of which he is accused is a criminal provision frequently used in the country to criminalize people who exercise the right to social protest, along with obstructing public roads, incitement to commit crimes or resisting authority, among other actions.

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