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Human rights defender imprisoned and made to pay, for peaceful protest

AI-Index: AMR 13/7422/2023

Alberto Nallar is a human rights lawyer who took an active role during the protests in Jujuy province that began on June 15. He is being criminalised and was deprived of liberty one month under house arrest until his release on August 18th. On October 24, 2023, Alberto Nallar was sentenced to 42 months of imprisonment for the crime of «incitement to commit crimes, incitement to collective violence and uprising or mutiny» and condemned with an economic reparation in favor of Jujuy province. Alberto Nallar will appeal this resolution.


On June 16, 2023, the Constituent Convention of the Province of Jujuy, Argentina, carried out a constitutional reform (see below (1)) without participation or publicity, and that could threaten the collective rights and the cosmovision of the Indigenous Peoples.

As a result of the protests that followed the approval of the partial reform of the Provincial Constitution, violent police repression took place in the province of Jujuy, with serious irregularities, including arbitrary detentions and the excessive use of force by state agents. The response of the security forces of the province of Jujuy to the demonstrations generated significant violations of the rights to life, liberty, personal integrity, peaceful assembly, to defend human rights and freedom of expression, recognised and protected by international law.

Protests by communities and social and human rights organisations continue in the province of Jujuy, as the new constitution has not been reversed. In September of this year, an Amnesty International delegation visited the city of San Salvador de Jujuy and the departments of Tumbaya, Cochinoca, Humahuaca, Susques in the province of Jujuy. The organisation interviewed at least 107 victims and witnesses, including members of more than 15 indigenous communities, lawyers, human rights organisations and local authorities.

Amnesty International found unnecessary and excessive use of force, including the use of tear gas and rubber bullets at protests, resulting in multiple cases of injuries to those participating in the protest. Amnesty International also heard various accounts of arrests of individuals for merely participating in demonstrations, which amounts to arbitrary deprivation of liberty. It was also reported that victims of state repression avoid filing complaints, fearing prosecution for their participation in the protests. At the same time, the organisation found a significant lack of proactivity on the part of the authorities in investigating possible abuses committed by the security forces during the demonstrations.

Alberto Nallar is a lawyer and human rights defender; he unfailingly supported the popular mobilisation against constitutional reform and provided support and legal assistance to people detained during the demonstrations and their families. The crime of sedition for which he was convicted is a criminal provision frequently used in the country to criminalise people who exercise the right to social protest, along with obstructing public roads, incitement to commit crimes or resisting authority, among other actions. He was convicted on October 24th by the Oral Criminal Court No. 3 of Jujuy. He has not been detained again because the sentence is not definitive yet. Alberto Nallar will appeal the resolution of the Court.


(1) Reforma Constitucional en Jujuy: los puntos que generan resistencia (La Gaceta)


Take action

  • Write an appeal in your own words or use the model letter below.

  • Take action on Social media: Infos see the yellow field on the right.

  • Please take action before 11 January 2024.

  • Preferred language: Spanish. You can also write in your own language.

Model letter

Model letter in Spanish open here / Aqui modelo de carta en español

Señor Fiscal General:
Me dirijo a usted para expresarle mi honda preocupación por la condena del abogado de derechos humanos Alberto Nallar. Los cargos penales formulados contra él son una represalia indebida por participar pacíficamente en una protesta y ejercer su derecho a defender los derechos humanos.
En Jujuy, entre el 11 y el 13 de julio, se llevaron a cabo numerosos arrestos y registros en domicilios particulares en Humahuaca y San Salvador; iban dirigidos contra docentes, estudiantes y defensores y defensoras de los derechos humanos que habían participado en las movilizaciones sociales sobre la reforma constitucional de la provincia o las habían apoyado. Amnistía Internacional viajó a Jujuy y entrevistó a manifestantes y a defensores y defensoras, y concluyó que muchas de esas detenciones eran arbitrarias y formaban parte de un “entorno hostil” al ejercicio del derecho a la protesta pacífica.
Alberto Nallar fue detenido el 13 de julio de 2023, y permaneció 37 días bajo arresto domiciliario. Recientemente fue condenado por el delito de sedición y condenado a 42 meses de prisión y a una reparación económica de 7 millones de pesos argentinos (equivalente a 53 salarios mínimos) en favor de la provincia de Jujuy. Me alarma profundamente el hecho de que esta condena no sólo es una represalia contra Alberto Nallar sino que además tiene un efecto disuasorio sobre la libertad de expresión en la provincia, ya que Amnistía Internacional sigue recibiendo noticias sobre inminentes órdenes de arresto contra otras personas defensoras de los derechos humanos.
Habida cuenta de la obligación internacional contraída por el Estado argentino de respetar, proteger y garantizar la libertad de expresión, reunión y manifestación, le pido que deje de criminalizar a Alberto Nallar y a otros defensores y defensoras de los derechos humanos.

- - -


Dear Mr. Attorney General,

I am writing to express my deep concern about the conviction of the human rights lawyer Alberto Nallar. The criminal charges he faces are an undue reprisal for pacifically participating in a protest and exercising his right to defend human rights.

In Jujuy, between July 11 and 13, many arrests and raids were carried out in private homes in Humahuaca and San Salvador, targeting teachers, students and human rights defenders who participated in or supported the social mobilisations around the provincial constitutional reform. Amnesty International travelled to Jujuy and interviewed demonstrators and defenders, finding that many of these detentions were arbitrary and part of a «hostile environment» to exercise the right to peaceful protest.

Alberto Nallar was detained on July 13, 2023, and remained under house arrest for 37 days. He was recently convicted of the crime of sedition, sentenced to 42 months of imprisonment and condemned with an economic reparation of 7 million Argentinean pesos (equivalent to 53 minimum wages) in favor of Jujuy province. I am deeply alarmed that this conviction is not only a reprisal for Alberto Nallar but also has a deterrence effect on freedom of expression in the province, as Amnesty International keeps receiving reports about imminent arrest warrants against other defenders.

Given the international obligations of the Argentine State to respect, protect and guarantee the freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration, we call on you to cease criminalisation against Alberto Nallar and other human rights defenders.

Best regards to you,


Appeals to

To the General Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor's Office
of the Province of Jujuy
Dr. Sergio Lello Sánchez



Additional target:

Governor of the Province of Jujuy
Mr. Gerardo Morales

Twitter: @GerardoMorales

Copies to

Botschaft der Republik Argentinien
Jungfraustrasse 1
3005 Bern

Fax: 031 356 43 40




Response on your appeal/letter

It might be that you will receive a reply to your appeal letter. You do not have to answer to it by yourself, but we would be grateful if you would send us this letter. Ideally scanned by e-mail to We forward the replies to the relevant research team (via Amnesty's International Secretariat). The colleagues analyze the content and decide on how to proceed, which may be reflected in a Further information.

Incidentally, we do not fear any consequences for UA activists in Switzerland. However, it makes sense to consider not to wrtite a letter if you intend to travel to the country (or have family there). This applies above all to «problematic» and repressive countries. (Russia, Turkey, China, ...)

Social media

You can use and adapt these messages to target authorities on social media:

Option 1:

"No more arbitrary detentions in #Jujuy, Argentina! Authorities must stop repressing and criminalising protests. Protection now for free expression, demonstration and the defence of rights!"

Option 2.

"We demand the immediate drop of charges against human rights defender Alberto Nallar and the immediate cessation of arbitrary detentions in #Jujuy, Argentina, as well as an effective, impartial, independent investigation of this #libertadparaAlbertoNallar."

Option 3.

"Justice for #AlbertoNallar. Local authorities in #Jujuy, Argentina must respect human rights of all demonstrators and must be held accountable for their repression."

Option 4.

"The right to protest is part of international human rights treaties and the State's obligation to guarantee it. We call on the authorities of #Jujuy to immediately cease repression and criminalisation of protest."

Option 5.

"Criminalisation of the protest can only cease when the State drop charges against Alberto Nallar and all defenders. We demand the authorities in #Jujuy attend to their human rights and international obligations to freedom of expression!"

Option 6:

Reverse #AlbertoNallar sentence! No person should be convicted for protesting peacefully! The world is watching #Jujuy authorities and demanding respect for the rights of all human rights defenders!

- - -

Options in Spanish / Opciones en español:

Option 1:

"¡No más represión en #Jujuy, Argentina! Las autoridades deben dejar de criminalizar manifestantes. ¡Protección ya de la libre expresión, manifestación pacífica y defensa de ddhh! #libertadparaAlbertoNallar"

Option 2:

"¡Retiren ya los cargos vs el defensor de ddhh #AlbertoNallar, y paren las detenciones arbitrarias en #Jujuy, Argentina!

Exigimos investigaciones efectivas e independientes que hagan rendir cuentas a las autoridades responsables de la represión


Option 3:

"¡Justicia para #AlbertoNallar!

Las autoridades de #Jujuy, Argentina deben respetar los derechos humanos de las personas manifestantes y sancionar a las autoridades responsables de la represión."

Option 4:

"El derecho a la protesta es parte de los tratados internacionales de derechos humanos y es obligación del Estado garantizarlo.

¡Exigimos a las autoridades de #Jujuy, Argentina que cesen la represión y criminalización de la protesta!"

Option 5:

"La represión de la protesta solo parará cuando retiren los cargos de #AlbertoNallar y todas las personas defensoras criminalizadas.

¡Demandamos que las autoridades de #Jujuy, Argentina cumplan su obligación internacional de respetar y proteger la libre expresión!"

Option 6:

¡Reviertan la sentencia de #AlbertoNallar! ¡Ninguna persona debería de ser condenada por protestar pacíficamente! ¡El mundo mira a las autoridades de #Jujuy y exige que respeten los derechos de todas las personas defensoras!

- - -


PR (in Spanish):

Argentina: Amnistía Internacional exige el cese inmediato de la violencia estatal en Jujuy.

Exigimos la suspensión de la reforma constitucional en Jujuy

La condena por sedición a un abogado defensor de derechos en Jujuy es un serio precedente que criminaliza la protesta

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