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Abgeschlossen am 31. Juli 2023

Teachers Union leader get death threats

AI-Index: AFR 12/6850/2023

On 27 February, the National Union of Higher Education Teachers (SINPES) in Angola started a strike demanding better working conditions and fulfilment of the promises made by the government. Since the beginning of the strike, union leaders - including general secretary Eduardo Peres Alberto- and their relatives have been the target of death threats. On 25 April, Eduardo Peres Alberto’s daughter was attacked on the street by unidentified men who used a toxic chemical. The Angolan authorities must promptly, thoroughly, impartially, independently, transparently, and effectively investigate both the attack and death threats and ensure the Union leaders’ right to unionize and strike is protected.


Eduardo Peres Alberto has been general secretary of the National Union of Higher Education Teachers (SINPES) since 2012. He holds a master's degree in history and bachelor’s in political science. He is one of the most prominent faces of the higher education teachers' strike that started on 27 February.

SINPES first went on strike in November 2021 and culminated in the signing of a «Memorandum of Understanding» between the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, henceforth (MESCTI), and the National Union of Higher Education Teachers' (SINPES).

As the government did not fulfill the promises made, by deliberation of its general assembly, the higher education teachers' union decided to resume the strike in January 2022, which lasted 3 months. The same strike was interrupted and resumed a few times during the year, in shorter periods lasting a few days, in April, October and November 2022. During this period, there were negotiations with the government that apparently did not bring any solution to the challenges presented by the union, which led to the resumption of the strike on 27 February 2023, now marking 3 months of strike and stoppage of classes in public higher education institutions.

The higher education teachers strike has resulted in public higher education students, led by the student movement (MEA), to organize demonstrations against school fees and also demanding the government to solve the impasses with of college teachers so they can return to school. Some of these demonstrations have been repressed by the police.

Peaceful demonstrations and other forms of protest are repressed in Angola, often leading to arbitrary arrests, torture, and threats and intimidation of dissidents.

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Since the beginning of the higher education teachers strike in Angola, on the 27th of February, union leaders have received constant death threats. Join us in demanding that authorities investigate all reports made by the union and ensure that teachers are protected. [Link to UA] #Angolateacherstrike #Protectheprotest @jlprdeangola


Since March 28, the secretary of the higher education teacher’s union, Eduardo Peres Alberto, and his family have been receiving text messages from unidentified people promising to kill his daughter if he does not stop the strike. Join us in demanding that the authorities protect secretary general Eduardo Peres Alberto and his family and ensure their safety and security. [LINK TO THE UA] #Angolateacherstrike #Protectheprotest @jrprdeangola


After several death threats and 2 break-ins to his home, the higher education teachers’ union leader, Eduardo Peres Alberto, on April 25, his 29-year-old daughter, Maria Peres Alberto, was attacked by unknown persons on the public road, who released a toxic chemical that led to a 17-day hospital stay. Please join us in demanding a prompt, thorough, impartial, independent and effective investigation into this case and the protection of Eduardo Peres Alberto and his family. [LINK TO THE UA] #Angolateacherstrike #Protectheprotest @jrprdeangola


Maria Peres Alberto, daughter of the secretary general of the higher education teacher’s union in Angola, despite being hospitalized, continued to receive death threats that forced her to interrupt hospital treatment. Join us in demanding that the authorities create conditions for her safety and security and that of the striking higher education teachers' union leaders. [LINK TO THE UA] #Angolateacherstrike #Protectheprotest @jrprdeangola


Protest is a human right. Article 51 (first line) of the Angolan Constitution, guarantees workers the right to strike. Nobody should experience death threats for peacefully exercising their rights. Join us in demanding that the Angolan authorities guarantee the safety and security of higher education teachers' union leaders. [LINK TO THE UA] #Angolateacherstrike #Protectheprotest @jrprdeangola

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