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Kamile Wayit should be studying, not languishing in jail


Kamile Wayit, a 19-year-old Uyghur female university student was sentenced to three years imprisonment on 25 March 2023 under the charge of «promoting extremism» after posting a video on WeChat about the November 2022 «A4 protests» in China.

According to a source close to Kamile, she had been suffering from depression and was scheduled to have an eye surgery in the summer of 2023.

Kamile is a student at the Henan Shangqiu Institute of Technology (河南省商丘工学院), majoring in preschool education.

Kamile must be released immediately as she was only peacefully exercising her right to freedom of expression. Pending her release, the Chinese authorities must ensure that she has access to adequate medical care when needed, access to her family and a lawyer of her choice and she is not subjected to torture and other ill-treatment.


Take action: Write to Target

Please continue to send letter to target(s) based on the Urgent Action

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Take action: Sign Petition

Sign the petition on and encourage others to sign the petition online. Ask Chinese authorities to release Uyghur university student Kamile Wayit:

Petition: Young Kamile should be studying, not languishing in jail.

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Take action: Send postcards / letters to Kamile

  • Send cards to Kamile to wish her Happy Birthday and to show solidarity that she is not forgotten.
  • Please try not send letters in bulk and do not show Amnesty International logo on the envelope.

Please send the postcards and letters to:

English: Kashgar Women’s Prison, Bostan Village, Mush Township, Konasheher (Shufu) County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region


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Take action on social Media

Kamile’s birthday in September (3 September)

  • Show solidarity online by posting pictures / videos to wish her happy birthday on social media
  • Share the online petition

Suggested social media messages:

(1) – Calling for Kamile’s release

#Uyghur student #KamileWayit was sentenced under the charge of ‘promoting extremism’ on 25 March for merely posting a #protest related video on WeChat. There are concerns about Kamile’s health. #China must immediately release her. (ADD LINK TO PETITION / UA)

(2) – Calling for Kamile’s release

Unacceptable: 3 yrs imprisonment for posting a #protest related video on WeChat. #Uyghur student #KamileWayit should be studying in university and not behind bars. Sign our petition to call on #China to immediately release her. (ADD LINK TO PETITION / UA)

(3) – Solidarity Message

We want Kamile back in school. The international community stands in solidarity with #KamileWayit and will continue

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