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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2023 03


Execution would breach international law
Texas intends to execute Andre Thomas, a Black man, on 5 April 2023. He was sentenced to death in 2005 by an all-white jury after his lawyers failed to challenge dubious prosecutorial jury selection tactics, the impartiality of certain jurors, or their client’s competence to stand trial. Andre Thomas has a long history of serious mental disability, including schizophrenia, and was experiencing a prolonged and severe psychosis at the time of the crime. Soon after his arrest, he gouged out his right eye, and has since extracted the other. He is held in a prison psychiatric facility. His current lawyers are challenging his competence for execution.
Four young Baluchi men at risk of execution
Four young Baluchi men – Ebrahim Narouie, Kambiz Kharout, Mansour Dahmardeh and Shoeib Mir Baluchzehi Rigi – are at grave risk of execution in connection with protests in Sistan and Baluchestan province. They were sentenced to death based on torture-tainted «confessions» in grossly unfair trials. Two other Baluchi men – Mansour Hout and Nezamoddin Hout – are facing retrials on capital charges also in connection with protests.
Tajik refugee disappeared after deportation
On 18 January 2023, Germany deported Abdullohi Shamsiddin to Tajikistan, where he has not been seen by his family since. Family members and Radio Ozodi reported that he phoned his wife on 6 March and told her that he was held by the State Committee for National Security (GKNB) of Tajikistan. He is targeted because of his reported membership of the arbitrarily banned Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) and his relationship with one of the party’s leaders, and is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. According to the family, he suffers from severe asthma, and his life may be at risk.
Ethnic Kazakh artist at risk of torture
Zhanargul Zhumatai, an ethnic Kazakh journalist and artist, was taken away from her mother’s house in Urumqi, Xinjiang, on 10 February. The state security police detained her after she communicated with people abroad and spoke out for the land rights of Kazakh herding communities. Zhumatai had previously been detained in an internment camp for over two years, where she developed some heart problems reportedly due to lack of medical care. Without access to her family and lawyer of her choice Zhumatai remains at grave risk of torture and other ill-treatment.