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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2022 12


Jordanian man at imminent risk of execution
Hussein Abo al-Kheir is at imminent risk of execution in Saudi Arabia as the authorities resume executions for drug-related offences after a two year moratorium announced by the Saudi Arabian Human Rights Commission in January 2021. Since 10 November 2022, Saudi Arabia has executed 20 people convicted on drug-related charges. In 2014, Abo al-Kheir was arrested for alleged drug smuggling, and he was sentenced to death in 2015 following a grossly unfair trial. He has exhausted all legal appeals, and will be put to death as soon as the King ratifies his sentence. During his pre-trial detention, Abo al-Kheir was subjected to an array of human rights violations, including incommunicado detention, lack of access to legal representation and torture to extract a «confession». Amnesty International calls on the King to not ratify Abo al-Kheir’s death sentence, and the competent authorities to quash his conviction and re-try him in line with international fair trial standards.
28 people risk execution in relation to uprising
At least 28 people, including three children, could face execution in connection with nationwide protests as the Iranian authorities use the death penalty as a tool of political repression to instil fear among the public and end the popular uprising. At least six people have already been sentenced to death in sham trials.
Rights of feminicide victims at risk
In a regressive act, on 15 November 2022, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico cancelled the issuing of a public apology to victims of feminicide and disappearance in Mexico. Amnesty International urges the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico to issue a public apology and to fully guarantee the rights of victims and their families to justice and full reparation.
Protesters killed and injured in violent crackdown
As a result of a long dated political crisis, Peru has gone into a spiral of violence that included several human rights violations, especially against protesters in Lima and other major relevant cities. This political crisis escalated with then-President Castillo announcing the dissolution of the National Congress on 7 December. Protests and violence continue to rise throughout the country against Congress and the new political forces in place. To date, according to the Ombudsperson Office, seven people have died, including two adolescents, all by firearms, and dozens of injured protesters and journalists. The president must put an end to all excessive use of force against demonstrators, use all available resources to safeguard the life and integrity of all injured persons, provide the necessary support to the families of the deceased collaborate with authorities investigating all allegations of human rights violations in the context of the current crisis promptly, thoroughly, independently, and impartially.
Imprisoned Union leader must be released
Chhim Sithar, the leader of the Labor Rights Supported Union of Khmer Employees (LRSU) of NagaWorld, has been rearrested for allegedly violating her bail terms, which arise from bogus charges of «incitement», after returning to Cambodia from Australia. LRSU members have been striking since December 2021 following mass layoffs from the NagaWorld casino. Sithar was arbitrarily arrested and charged with «incitement to commit a felony» under articles 494 and 495 of the Criminal Code on 4 January 2022. After being released on bail, Sithar has been rearrested for allegedly violating bail conditions that neither she nor her lawyer were informed of. We call for the immediate release and dropping of all charges against Chhim Sithar. Chhim Sithar has been detained solely for her work defending human rights.