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Abgeschlossen am 29. August 2022

Jailed Ukrainian denied urgent medical care / News


Negative Developments and Additional call


On 26 July, the penal colony authorities put Oleksandr Marchenko in a punishment cell on the grounds that he was wearing a T-shirt and not a prison uniform when going to the shower. When he tried to call his wife, it turned out that her number had been blocked by the penal colony authorities.

Amnesty International spoke with Oleksandr Marchenko’s wife who is extremely concerned that her husband could be ill-treatment while in the punishment cell and that he will not receive his medication.

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Please continue using the template letter provided in the Urgent Action which is addressed to the Head of the Russian Federal Penal Service, but if possible, we would be grateful if you could also raise the most recent concerns:

  • Express concern that placing Oleksandr Marchenko in a punishment cell, considering his serious health condition, could mean he is not provided with adequate medical care, which could amount to torture or other ill-treatment and put his health at further risk. Moreover, Oleksandr Marchenko is being prevented from having regular phone calls with his wife which violates his right to access to family and communication with the outside world and might amount to inhuman treatment.
  • Urge the authorities to ensure that Oleksandr Marchenko is held in conditions meeting international standards and provided with the adequate medical treatment he may require at the same standards of health care that are available in the community.
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