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Amnesty Urgent Actions
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Abgeschlossen am 6. September 2022

Two women released on bail


We are incredibly pleased to share the great news that Natthanit «Bai Por» Duangmusit, 20, and Netiporn «Bung» Sanesangkhom were released on bail on 4 August. They had been in custody for almost three months and were on hunger strike for 64 days in protest of their detention.

Baipor and Bung wanted to share their gratitude for the action you have taken.

Baipor: «I want to say thank you to all the activists, Amnesty members, and everyone who helped in every activity, all the letters, solidarities. When we read or just get to know about the letter, it really pushed us to continue our lives inside the prison, it helped us to continue breathing.  I would like to pass the word to everyone that our friends are still inside, we must continue. It is because the right to bail is for everyone, and should be treated equally.»

Bung: «Every activities and solidarity continue our breath. When we were inside, we were very afraid, afraid that people will forget us, people might not see what we are doing, they might not see our fight. However, today we see and can feel that no one leaves us. Thank you so much that still standing beside us because there should be no one who should be prosecuted for using the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.»

We will provide a further update in due course, but wanted to share the good news, and thank you for your action.