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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2022 06


Maldivian activist faces jail for blasphemy
Mohamed Rusthum Mujuthaba, 39, a Maldivian religious freedom and human rights activist, faces five months in prison, if convicted, on charges of blasphemy. Accused of posting blasphemous contents on social media, he was detained for more than six months without trial under the Maldives’ Penal Code, in violation of international human rights law. The Maldivian authorities must immediately drop the charges against Mohamed Rusthum Mujuthaba.
Metu Pride must be allowed to proceed
On 7 June, the rectorship of the Ankara based Middle East Technical University (METU) sent an email to all students, declaring the campus-based Pride march on 10 June «categorically banned», threatening the participants with police intervention if the march proceeds. The rectorship’s action represents an unjustifiable attempt to restrict the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly of METU students and staff and must be reversed.
Protect environmental defenders at risk
On May 31st, four environmental defenders from the organization Federation of Santander Fishers for Tourism and Environment (FEDEPESAN) were victims of an attack with firearms by unknown people while assessing possible environmental harm in the Magdalena Medio region, an extensive inter-Andean valley in the central part of Colombia formed by the Magdalena River. We urge the Ministry of Interior to adopt immediate measures to guarantee the life and right to defend human rights of members of FEDEPESAN.
Environmental defenders disappeared
In the morning of 5 June, environmental and Indigenous peoples’ rights defenders Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips were reported missing, after last being seen in the Javari Valley, in the Brazilian Amazon, near the borders with Colombia and Peru. They had received death threats in recent days, according to local organization Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Javari Valley (Univaja). We are calling the Brazilian President, in addition to the Presidents of Colombia and Peru, to urgently mobilize all necessary efforts to find them alive, including international cooperation.
Unjustly jailed couple tried by Emergency Court
Aisha el-Shater, 41, daughter of Muslim Brotherhood senior leader Khairat el-Shater, and her husband lawyer Mohamed Abo Horeira are on trial by the Emergency State Security Court on bogus charges stemming from their family affiliations and peaceful exercise of their human rights. The Egyptian authorities have subjected Aisha el-Shater to torture by holding her in prolonged solitary confinement, barring any family visits for more than three and a half years and deliberately denying her access to adequate healthcare even though she has a serious and potentially life-threatening health condition.
Release hunger-striking activists
Since 2 June 2022, two women have been on hunger strike calling for their right to bail. They have been detained since 3 May 2022. Authorities have started criminal proceedings against them and one other, who is on bail under house arrest, for conducting street polls. International human right commitments oblige the Thai government to effectively protect the human rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and minimize pre-trial detention. The three must be released immediately, and all charges against them dropped.
Texas execution scheduled for crime at 18
Ramiro Gonzales is scheduled to be executed in Texas on 13 July 2022 . He was sentenced to death in September 2006 for a murder committed in January 2001 when he was 18 years old and emerging from a childhood of abuse and neglect. He is now 39. Amnesty International is urging the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and the state Governor to grant clemency.
Repression of indigenous-led protests
On 14 June around 0:29 a.m., security forces detained Leónidas Iza, president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, in the province of Cotopaxi. He was held incommunicado and criminally charged with «blockage of public services», before being released that night. His detention could have been arbitrary and the criminal proceedings against him could constitute criminalization of protest. Human rights organizations have made allegations of more arbitrary detentions, excessive use of force and criminalization against protesters. We urge President Lasso to stop stigmatizing, repressing and criminalizing peaceful protests, to disclose the whereabouts of and charges against all detainees, and to release those arbitrarily detained.
Finger amputation risk for eight prisoners
At least eight prisoners in Greater Tehran Penitentiary, Tehran province, are at grave risk of having their finger-amputation sentences carried out imminently. At least three of the men were convicted based on torture-tainted «confessions» following grossly unfair trials. One of the three men, Hadi Rostami, was beaten by prison guards on 12 June and has since been forcibly disappeared.
Arrested at 14, tortured, now faces execution
Abdullah al-Huwaiti, who was arrested when he was 14, is at imminent risk of execution in Saudi Arabia. On 13 June 2022, the Appeals Court upheld his death sentence after a grossly unfair trial. During his time in detention, he was held in solitary confinement, denied access to a lawyer, and forced to «confess» under duress. On 2 March 2022, he was re-sentenced to death by a Criminal Court in Tabuk on charges which included armed robbery and the murder of a security officer. Amnesty International calls on the Supreme Court and the King to not ratify Abdullah al-Huwaiti’s death sentence, quash his conviction, and re-try him in proceedings that are fully consistent with international fair trial standards, without resort to the death penalty.
Indigenous land defenders at risk
Wet’suwet’en land defenders in Canada are at risk of serious human rights violations and could be arrested on their territory by Canadian Police. Hereditary chiefs oppose a liquified natural gas pipeline and have not given their consent to the project. Wet’suwet’en and other land defenders have already faced three raids by heavily armed police since 2019, and 15 people are currently facing criminal contempt charges for defying a court injunction that authorizes the police to remove people occupying permitted work sites. Wet’suwet’en Nation members report daily visits, harassment and intimidation by Canadian police officers and the company’s private security service.