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FI 036/22-3
Russland •
Aktiv seit 2. August 2022 | Noch 39 Tage Laufzeit

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Social media guide

As Facebook and Instagram are now designated as extremist and Twitter is blocked, the Prosecutors office only has official Russian social media accounts such as Telegram (also VK, Odnoklassniki)
You can try to write to them in Odnoklassniki, there is an option to do that, but not through other social media.

They have an account on Youtube as well, so you can leave your comments under the videos (they are not closed at the time of issue).


# FreeSashaSkochilenko #FreeSasha


Stop the prosecution of Sasha Skochilenko !

Close the case against Sasha Skochilenko!

Speaking out is a human right and should not be a crime!

- - -

Aleksandra’s supporters have made their own petition with additional information about this case (please be aware that this has not been done in collaboration with Amnesty and some of the wording may not be in accordance with our policy), you can find it here:

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