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Abgeschlossen am 23. November 2022

Abderrazak Kilani’s conviction overturned


On 11 November 2022, the military court of appeals defied prosecutors, overturning Abderrazak Kilani’s conviction on the grounds that the military court that convicted him did not have jurisdiction to try his case.

While this is great news, Abderrazak remains at risk as the military prosecutor has once again appealed the decision, now before the Court of Cassation, the highest rung on the ladder. Still, the appeal court’s decision on 11 November is a positive sign as it signals the potential end to Abderrazak’s persecution. It also has the potential of showing that the Tunisian authorities will start recognizing more broadly that military courts have no business prosecuting civilians.

Abderrazak Kilani, a prominent Tunisian lawyer, was convicted by a military court for actions related to the legitimate exercise of his duties as a lawyer and sentenced in May 2022 to one month in prison, suspended. The charges amounted to violations of his rights to freedom of expression and to interference by the authorities in his ability to do his job as a lawyer. Prosecutions by a military court are in violation of international law, which Tunisia has ratified. Abderrazak Kilani’s prosecution became a symbol of a sharp rise in military trials for civilians after President Saied’s power grab last year.

Many thanks for all those who sent appeal and helped secure this good news. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will keep you posted on next steps, campaigning wise.

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