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FI 022/22-3
Israel/Besetzte Gebiete •
Abgeschlossen am 26. Dezember 2022

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Minister of Defence
Benny Gantz

Twitter handle: @gantzbe
Facebook page:


French President
Emmanuel Macron

Twitter handle: @EmmanuelMacron
Facebook page: EmmanuelMacron
Hashtag: #JusticeForSalah

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1.) After 19 days, French-Palestinian lawyer and human rights defender Salah Hammouri suspended his hunger strike on 20 October. He had been protesting, together with 29 other Palestinian detainees, Israel’s unjust and cruel administrative detention. @gantzbe must charge or release Salah and all other Palestinian administrative detainees now #JusticeForSalah[French-Palestinian lawyer’s detention extended]

2.) French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hammouri should have been freed on 4 September 2022, but the Israeli authorities decided to extend his administrative detention for the third time. He doesn’t know the charge & the evidence kept against him is secret. @Emmanuelmacron you must urge @gantzbe to charge or release him immediately. #JusticeForSalah[French-Palestinian lawyer’s detention extended]

3.) Salah Hammouri was punished for going on hunger strike in protest at Israel’s administrative detention – a cruel and unjust practice which helps maintain Israel’s apartheid system. He was put in solitary confinement and had a camera in his cell 24 hours a day! @Emmanuelmacron you must urge @gantzbe to charge or release him immediately. #JusticeForSalah[French-Palestinian lawyer’s detention extended]

4.) Salah Hammouri, a French-Palestinian lawyer, has been held arbitrarily by Israel without charge or trial since 7 March and was placed in solitary confinement in dire conditions for 15 days @EmmanuelMacron you must urge @gantzbe to charge or release Salah now! #JusticeForSalah.[French-Palestinian lawyer’s detention extended]

5.) Israel's systematic use of administrative detention violates int'l law and forms part of Israel’s domination and control over Palestinians. @EmmanuelMacron urge @gantzbe to charge or release Salah Hammouri now and #EndIsraeliApartheid #JusticeForSalah #EndIsraeliApartheid #JusticeForSalah[French-Palestinian lawyer’s detention extended]

6.) Salah Hammouri has
-had actions taken by Israel to revoke his residency status
-had his phone hacked by Pegasus spyware
-had the human rights NGO he works at outlawed
- had been put in solitary confinement for protesting his arbitrary detention.
-been held with no charge or trial by @gantzbe

He must be charged or released!
#EndIsraeliApartheid [French-Palestinian lawyer’s detention extended]

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