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Abgeschlossen am 7. Juni 2022
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Salah Hammouri’s administrative detention order was due to expire yesterday (6 June). But instead of being released, the order was renewed yesterday for a further 3 months. We issued a press release responding to the news: Press release see here

The military judge has 8 days (until June 14) to confirm the administrative detention order. But this is simply a matter of procedure as judges rarely every reject the order.

We fear that the authorities will continue to renew Salah’s detention until February 2023, when Salah’s hearing on his ID revocation is to be heard. We will therefore be issuing a formal UA update at the earliest opportunity, continuing to call for Salah’s immediate release.

Palestinian lawyer in arbitrary detention


French-Palestinian lawyer and human rights defender Salah Hammouri’s current administrative detention order is due to expire on 6 June**, when there will be a hearing to decide whether or not his detention is renewed. It’s important we keep the pressure on the authorities the coming week to not go ahead with the renewal and instead grant Salah’s release.

**In the original UA, we’d said that Salah’s current administrative order was due to expire on 6 July, but we have since learnt that this is incorrect - Salah was issued a three, not four, month administrative order. So the existing order will expire on 6 June. This has been corrected in the UA.

We ask you to continue taking action for Salah, who has been held by the Israeli authorities without charge or trial since 7 March.

Given that we only have 6 days left until the decision is made as to whether or not Salah’s detention order will be renewed, we encourage you to prioritise email or social media as a way to send appeals.

Please find the UA with the new appeal extension date here.

Many thanks for your ongoing action.

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