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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2022 03


Pakistani held incommunicado after forced deportation
Abdul Hafeez, 37, who ran an appliance installation and servicing company in Dubai, was apprehended by Emirati authorities outside his home on January 27, 2022 and subsequently detained. Just eight days later, Abdul was forcibly deported back to Pakistan. Emirati police did not give his family any information about his arrest, and only asked for his passport. Since then, they remain in the dark about his whereabouts, the charges against him or what legal recourse they have, if any. Abdul’s family believes he is in extreme danger in Pakistan, which is why he immigrated to the UAE in 2012 following deadly attacks against other family members in the past. Pakistani authorities must reveal Abdul Hafeez’s whereabouts, allow him regular contact with his family and lawyer, and guarantee his rights to fair trial and due process of law.
Tortured Kurdish men at risk of execution
Anwar Khezri, Ayoub Karimi, Davoud Abdollahi, Farhad Salimi, Ghassem Abesteh, Kamran Sheikheh and Khosrow Basharat, all from Iran’s Kurdish Sunni minority, are at risk of execution at Raha’i Shahr prison, near Tehran. They were convicted of «corruption on earth» (efsad-e fel-arz) and sentenced to death in grossly unfair trials marred by claims of torture to extract «confessions».
Krieg stoppen, Zivilbevölkerung schützen!
Amnesty International verurteilt den russischen Angriffskrieg und fordert einen sofortigen Stopp der Kampfhandlungen. Unterzeichnen Sie unseren Appell an die russische Botschaft in der Schweiz und fordern Sie den Botschafter auf, sich bei Präsident Putin dafür einzusetzen, die Kampfhandlungen zu stoppen und insbesondere die wahllosen Angriffe auf die Zivilbevölkerung sofort einzustellen.
Ethnic Uyghur at risk of extradition to China
Idris Hasan, an ethnic Uyghur living in Turkey, was arrested in July 2021 in Morocco on the basis of an Interpol red notice, which has since been cancelled. The Chinese government reportedly considers him a «terrorist», which Chinese law defines in an overly broad and vague manner, because of the work he had previously done for Uyghur organizations. On 15 December 2021, the Moroccan Court of Cassation ruled in favour of Idris Hasan’s extradition. Idris Hasan remains in detention and at high risk of being extradited to China where he will face a real risk of arbitrary detention and torture. The Moroccan authorities must immediately cancel his extradition.
Doctor prosecuted for guaranteeing legal abortion
In December 2020, Argentina finally legalised abortion. Despite this, Miranda Ruiz, a health professional who guaranteed access to legal abortion in the city of Tartagal in Argentina’s province of Salta, is being investigated by the criminal prosecutor of that city for the crime of causing an abortion without consent, a crime that she did not commit. The criminalisation of healthcare providers who guarantee access to legal abortions prevents doctors from providing basic care. The investigation against Dr. Miranda Ruiz must be immediately closed: guaranteeing access to abortion under the law is not a crime.
Discriminatory law puts lives and rights at risk
On 8 March, the Guatemalan Congress approved Decree 18-2022, which toughens the criminalization of abortion, including for miscarriages, prohibits inclusive sex education and discriminates against LGBTIQ+ people. This law puts at risk the rights and lives of thousands of girls, women and LGBTIQ+ people in the country. We demand that Congress shelves Decree 18-2022 and refrains from pursuing the approval of any other decree that violates the rights of women, girls and LGBTIQ+ people.
Tortured older prisoner’s life at risk
Iranian authorities are torturing Shokrollah Jebeli, an imprisoned 82-year-old Australian-Iranian national, by deliberately denying him adequate specialized medical care and withholding medication for his multiple serious health conditions. In light of his age and poor health, as well as violations of his fair trial rights rendering his detention arbitrary, he must be released immediately.
Palestinian lawyer in arbitrary detention
French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hammouri has been issued a four-month administrative detention order. He is a field researcher for Palestinian NGO Addameer and has been held without charge or trial since 7 March. Since 2002, Israeli authorities have persistently harassed Salah Hammouri, who has been detained several times. He is also at risk of deportation as Israel’s Ministry of Interior has taken action to revoke his residency status in East Jerusalem. The Israeli authorities must release Salah Hammouri immediately and ensure that he is allowed to keep his residency status in Jerusalem and continue with his human rights work without fear of reprisals.
Protesters forced to pay costs of policing
Slovenian theatre director Jaša Jenull is facing exorbitant claims to cover the costs associated with policing protests he joined in 2020 against restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly imposed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Claims for compensation and lawsuits against Jaša Jenull and other peaceful protesters are punitive in nature and aimed at silencing people exercising their human rights. Requiring participants to pay for the costs of policing is a violation of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. The Slovenian authorities must withdraw their claims for compensation and refrain from imposing penalties against peaceful protesters.
Lawyer prosecuted before military court
On 2 March, prominent lawyer Abderrazak Kilani, former president of the Tunisian Bar Association, was jailed by a military court. His prosecution stems from a verbal exchange on 2 January between him and police officers as they barred him from entering a hospital to visit his arbitrarily detained client, former Justice Minister Noureddine Bhiri. Abderazzak Kilani is accused of disturbing the public order, insulting state officials, and obstructing the work of others. He faces up to seven years imprisonment if convicted. The authorities must immediately release Abderrazak Kilani and drop the baseless charges against him and stop prosecuting civilians before military courts.
Stop extradition of Uyghur men to China
Uyghur religious scholar Aimidoula Waili and his friend Nuermaimaiti Ruze are at high risk of forcible repatriation to China following their arrest in November 2020. Since this time, they have been held in Jeddah Dhahban Central Prison, Saudi Arabia, without any reason for their arrest or any charges presented to them. On 16 March, the two Uyghur men were transferred from Jeddah to Riyadh, a move believed to signal their imminent extradition to China, where it is highly likely that they will be subjected to arbitrary detention and torture. The Saudi authorities must immediately halt their extradition, which would amount to refoulment.
Activist defending safe abortion risks jail
Woman human rights defender, Justyna Wydrzyńska, faces three years in prison solely for supporting people in need of an abortion. Charges against her appear to be intended to punish her activism and efforts to ensure people’s rights to access safe and legal abortion in Poland. The Polish authorities must drop all charges against Justyna, refrain from further reprisals against her or other activists campaigning for sexual and reproductive rights, and fully decriminalise access to abortion in Poland.
Two Qatari lawyers arbitrarily detained
Following protests expressing grievance at the recently passed Shura Council election law which discriminates against members of the Al Murra tribe, two Qatari lawyers, brothers Hazza and Rashed bin Ali Abu Shurayda al-Marri, have been held in solitary confinement since their arbitrary detention in August 2021. This amounts to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. They must be immediately released.
Woman’s execution would violate international law
Melissa Lucio, a 52-year-old Mexican American woman, is scheduled to be executed in Texas on 27 April 2022 . She was convicted in 2008 of the 2007 murder of her two-year-old daughter. New expert evidence bolsters the claim that the death was the result of an accidental fall, that key trial testimony alleging child abuse was unscientific, and that Melissa Lucio’s incriminating statements made under interrogation – key in her prosecution – were unreliable. Amnesty International believes her execution would violate international law given the serious concern about the reliability of her conviction and the unfairness of the trial. Amnesty International is urging the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and the Texas Governor to grant clemency.