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FI 114/21-4
Abgeschlossen am 24. Juni 2022

Activist denied access to lawyer: Lilia Chanysheva


We obtained renewed consent to continue campaigning on behalf of activist Lilia Chanysheva and all the issues raised in the last Urgent Action are fully relevant, including lack of access to her main lawyer.

Therefore we are now extending the deadline to campaign on this Urgent Action for an additional eight weeks (until 24 June).

Of course, we continue monitoring the situation very closely and we will share any developments and/or new calls to action that may come up.

- - -

Since 10 December, Russia’s Investigative Committee has arbitrarily removed four lawyers representing activist Lilia Chanysheva from the case, leaving her without a legal counsel of her choice in violation of her right to a fair trial. Liliya Chanysheva, a former regional coordinator of «Navalny’s headquarters» in the city of Ufa, has been in detention since 9 November 2021, under false charges of «establishing or leading an extremist association» punishable by up to 10 years in prison. She has committed no crime and must be released immediately.

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