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UA 111/21
Aktiv seit 11. November 2021 | Noch 37 Tage Laufzeit

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• Ravo Ramasomanana, a former employee of the Ministry of Public Health, is facing imprisonment of up to 5 years for threatening public order and security and inciting political unrest and hate after posting a video on social media in April 2021 implicating the Ministry of Public Health in corruption. Whistleblowers should be protected not prosecuted. The Madagascar authorities must immediately drop all charges against Ravo Ramasomanana.
[Whistleblower faces 5-year imprisonment]

• Malagasy human rights defender and whistleblower Ravo Ramasomanana posted a video on social media tying the Ministry of Public Health to corruption allegations. He now faces up to 5 years in prison for speaking out. He should not be prosecuted simply for exercising his right to freedom of expression. The authorities must immediately drop the charges against Ravo Ramasomanana.
[Whistleblower faces 5-year imprisonment]

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