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UA 102/21
Abgeschlossen am 4. Oktober 2021

Refugee must not be forcibly returned to Uzbekistan

AI-Index: EUR 46/4813/2021

Valentina Chupik, a recognized refugee and migrant rights defender, has been held in the transit lounge at Sheremetevo airport in Moscow since 25 September. She has been told that she has been stripped of her refugee status, banned from Russia for 30 years, and is threatened with imminent forcible return to Uzbekistan. She must be immediately released and allowed to remain in Russia so that she can continue her work.


Valentina Chupik left Uzbekistan in 2006 after the Andizhan events when the government sent the troops to put down a demonstration against the trial of local businessmen. Hundreds of demonstrators, most of them peaceful, were killed. Valentina Chupik alleged that she had been tortured in connection with these events. She fled to Russia in because of justified fears of arbitrary prosecution, arbitrary arrest, unfair trial, and torture and other ill-treatment. She was granted refugee status in 2009.

She is the founder of the organization Tong Zhakhoni, which offers legal assistance to migrants from Central Asia in the Russian Federation.

She has been sending updates from Sheremetevo airport by mobile phone since her detention on 25 September, however, her battery is running low and in her last message sent on 30 September she said: «If you don’t hear from me any more then assume that I have been returned to Uzbekistan».

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