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Abgeschlossen am 16. Dezember 2021

Execution looms for youth arrested at 17 → Update


On Monday, 25 October, when the UN considered a resolution on the promotion and protection of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran before the General Assembly’s Third Committee, the Special Rapporteur on Iran raised serious concerns about Iran’s use of death penalty, including against individuals who were children at the time of the offense. During the dialogue, other states specifically called on the Iranian authorities to halt any plans to execute Arman Abdolali.

This week Arman Abdolali remained in the public ward and we understand that he was not transferred to solitary confinement, as he had been in prior weeks prior to this execution being carried out.

We believe that the ongoing campaigning and advocacy efforts by Amnesty International globally to save Arman, along with his case specifically being raised on 25 October during the Third Committee meeting, have all greatly helped in keeping the Iranian authorities under pressure to not carry out the execution this week.

Arman remains at risk of being rescheduled for execution, but the authorities have not communicated any specific date to him.
For this reason we encourage you to keep taking action on the Urgent Action. Infos here.

Thank you for your action.

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