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Saudi Arabia
Abgeschlossen am 14. Juli 2021

Young man executed after grossly unfair trial

AI-Index: MDE 23/4453/2021

On 15 June, the Saudi Arabian authorities executed Mustafa al-Darwish, a young Saudi Arabian man who was arrested in 2015 for his alleged participation in anti-government protests in the Shi’a-majority Eastern Province. According to court documents, Mustafa al-Darwish was subjected to prolonged pre-trial detention, which was marked by six months of incommunicado detention, solitary confinement and during which he was subjected to torture and other ill-treatment. His trial was marred by gross due process violations, not least of which that the «evidence» based on which the death sentence was issued, included so-called «confessions» that were extracted under duress.

On 15 June, the Saudi Arabian authorities executed Mustafa al-Darwish, a young Saudi man, after his case was referred to the Presidency of State Security and his death sentence upheld by the Supreme Court in May.

Mustafa Al-Darwish was arrested on 25 May 2015 for allegedly participating in anti-government protests in the Shi’a majority Eastern Province when he might have been a minor. Following his arrest, Mustafa al-Darwish was subjected to two years of pre-trial detention, solitary confinement for the first six months of his detention, torture and a grossly unfair trial. He also had no access to legal counsel until the beginning of his trial, which constitutes a serious violation of Mustafa al-Darwish’s procedural rights and right to a fair trial. According to court documents examined by Amnesty International, Mustafa al-Darwish informed the judge during his trial before the Specialized Criminal Court, that his so-called «confessions» were extracted under duress. He was nonetheless sentenced to death.

The death penalty is a cruel, inhuman, and degrading punishment. Amnesty International always opposes the death penalty, regardless of who is accused, the crime, their guilt or innocence or the method of execution. Amnesty International had urged Saudi Arabia’s King Salman not to ratify the death sentence and to order the relevant judicial bodies to quash his conviction and re-try him in line with international fair trial standards.

By carrying out this execution, the Saudi Arabian authorities have displayed a deplorable disregard for the right to life. Mustafa al-Darwish is the latest victim of Saudi Arabia’s deeply flawed justice system which regularly sees people sentenced to death after grossly unfair trials based on «confessions» extracted through torture.

No further action is requested. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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