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FI 045/21-1
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Abgeschlossen am 17. August 2021

Latest News (deadline extended): Protect Syrians at risk of return


Over the last few months, the number of refugees from Syria who’s residency has been revoked by Danish authorities on the flawed claim that parts of Syria are safe for returns, has risen from 380 in April 2021 to 402 by the start of June. While many of them have appealed this decision and are anxiously awaiting the outcome, the number of people with a final refusal has risen from 39 to 48 since April. The government of Denmark have reaffirmed that they will not be resuming diplomatic ties with the Syrian government. In absence of this, the 48 people whose status has been revoked will be forced apart from their families and into a return centre, indefinitely. Since 18 May 2021, refugees from Syria have been staging a sit in in front of the Danish parliament to protest the Danish authority’s decision to strip people of protection. Thousands of people in Denmark, across 25 cities, have taken to the streets in solidarity with their Syrian neighbours and friends.

As part of the coordinated international push on this case we would encourage you to continue writing appeals, we therefore extended the deadline to send appeals for a further 8 weeks.

→ For further information, model letter and targets, please see  here on the original UA 045/21

Thank you very much for your continued support!

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