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Abgeschlossen am 4. Januar 2022

Activist released but will stand trial - Update


Last August we published the last update on the situation of activist Mikhail Iosilevich, as we feared his trial may start at the end of September. We have been following the case closely and surprisingly the case has yet to be submitted to the prosecutor’s office, which would be the final step before the start of the trial. For this reason, we would like to give this action an additional and crucial push by extending the UA for a further eight weeks and requesting you to kindly continue pwriting appeals.

Message from the team with additional details:

First of all, thank you very much for your actions in support of Mikhail Iosilevich – civil society activist from Nizhnii Novgorod facing trial on charges of cooperation with an «undesirable organization» and alleged threats to a witness in this case. Your support and letters to the Russian authorities could have contributed to his release from pre-trial detention and to the fact that despite the official investigation being over, the case has not been submitted to the prosecutor’s office yet for a sign off for trial.

This is a crucial stage, when we can still influence the case progress and prevent it from being submitted  to court. Please continue sending your appeals to the Russian authorities as suggested to demand that charges against Mikhail Iosilevich are dropped. Targets, suggestions and model letter please see here

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