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Abgeschlossen am 28. Juni 2021

Detention on remand extended


On 23 April, the Moscow District court in Nizhnii Novgorod extended Mikhail Iosilevich's detention on remand until 28 June. At the same hearing his lawyer found out that the investigation had initiated another criminal case against Mikhail - on charges of a "threat to kill or to cause grievous bodily harm committed with motives of enmity or in connection with performing by a threatened individual of their officials duties or citizen's duties", Article 119(2) of the Russian Criminal Code. The investigation had opened this criminal case even though three independent experts confirmed that the voice of a person who had called threatening a witness in the original case against Mikhail Iosilevich did not match his voice.

Mikhail needs your support and solidarity now more than ever. Please continue wrtiting appeals, urging the Russian authorities to release Mikhail and the solidarity action.

More informations, model letter, targets, ... please see here

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