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FI 018/21-1
Abgeschlossen am 8. April 2021

Environment defenders’ security strengthened


On 26 February, the Major of Barrancabermeja notified the National Protection Unit (UNP) about the risk Luis Alberto González Lopez was facing and acknowledged his role as a human rights defender. On 3 March, the UNP strengthened his protection scheme providing him with one bodyguard and a vehicle. On 12 March, the Major of Barrancabermeja organised a Meeting with FEDEPESAN to address their risk situation. FEDEPESAN also held meetings with the Minister of Interior and other State institutions in late March to demand further institutional support.

On 8 February, unidentified persons distributed threatening pamphlets giving Luis Alberto González López 72 hours to leave the territory before becoming a military objective near the place of his residence in the city of Barrancabermeja. Luis González is Vice President of FEDEPESAN, an organization that protects the environment in the Magdalena medio region (central Colombia). The pamphlet was signed by the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Since September 2020, armed groups sent at least 5 life threatening messages to the members of FEDEPESAN, including three death threats and one murder attempt on Luis González López, forcing him to displace from his land.

After national and international pressure, local and national authorities met with FEDEPESAN and provided Luis González with strengthened security for his protection. We will continue to monitor the indigenous community security situation and will swiftly react if there is any new incident in the future.

No further action is requested. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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