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Abgeschlossen am 30. April 2021

Upcoming verdict on 30 April !


Viachaslau Rahashchuk’s trial came to an end in mid-April, alongside 13 other defendants in the city of Pinsk, south Western Belarus. They all stand accused of mass riots and faces a prison sentence of up to 6.5 years. Viachaslau Rahashchuk did nothing but go for a walk with his sister and young nephew on the evening he was detained and is one of thousands detained arbitrarily as part of the authorities’ ongoing brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters following the widely contested presidential election in August 2020.

Viachaslau is still suffering physically due to the days of torture he was subjected to following his detention on 10 August.

The court will deliver the verdicts on 30 April so there is still time to send appeals, urgently, to the Belarusian authorities, reiterating our calls from the Urgent Action that:   
-    Viachaslau Rahashchuk is immediately and unconditionally released as someone who was arbitrarily detained and has committed no crime;
-    That he is able to access immediate and adequate medical treatment due to his continuing health concerns which have still not been adequately addressed by the prison authorities.

In his final statement during his trial, Viachaslau Rahashchuk thanked his family and all those who have supported him and asked the court to give a sentence that reflects only what he did and not what some people have made up.

Please write an appeal. Find more informations and model letter here

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