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FI 096/20-1
Abgeschlossen am 1. Oktober 2020

Fears of abduction for Thai activist in exile

AI-Index: ASA 23/2517/2020

Due to any lack of progress from the Cambodian authorities, who have been virtually silent about their investigation of Wanchalerm Satsaksit’s disappearance and not facilitated his sister’s participation in the police investigation, we are extending the appeal deadline of First UA 96/20.

This coming Tuesday, 11 August, is Wanchalearm’s birthday and a boost in international appeals between his birthday and the International day of the Disappeared (31 August) - will not only provide welcome solidarity for Wanchalearm’s family but also focus keep pressure on Cambodian authorities and Thai authorities to respond to international appeals. Wanchalearm is the ninth Thai activist to have disappeared from a neighbouring country in 4 years.

On his birthday we can show his family and their brave supporters in Thailand that world stands by them in calling for justice and will not accept authorities’ silence about their fate. We urge you to make your appeals visible on social media. Say his name, post the recording online. Post his picture. Post your picture. Show authorities on social media that the world is asking them to act.

Please see the original UA 096/20 here and some suggested tweets.

Thanks for your continued action!

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