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Abgeschlossen am 25. Juli 2020
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25.7.2020: Sad News

Azimjan Aksarov died today, on 25 July, in prison.

At the insistence of his lawyer, Valeryan Vahitov, Azimjan was transferred to a prison hospital in colony N°47 only yesterday. At the moment the reason of death is stated as «double pneumonia». The lawyer is waiting for the official medical report.

The prison authorities had denied that Azimjan was in poor health and today issued a further statement that Azimjan had refused treatment offered to him in prison. Despite many efforts, open and quiet advocacy, powerful statements from the UN and the EU, the Kyrgyzstani authorities opted to keep Azimjan in prison.  This is further evidence that the country judicial system is failing its citizens and is being used as a means of undue pressure on ethnic minority communities in Kyrgyzstan.

Serious deterioration of prisoner of conscience’s health


On 22 July, the lawyer of imprisoned human rights defender Azimjan Askarov, was able to visit him in Prison Colony No 19. He reported that Azimjan was unable to walk unaided and was brought to the meeting by two convoy guards. He has lost weight, is coughing and is so breathless that it was difficult for him to talk. He is eating very little and has been given glucose injections in the prison. He has reportedly been ill for approximately 10 days. The lawyer has asked for copies of the medical reports and for details of the treatment he has been receiving.

Given the serious deterioration of Azimjan’s health your appeals are more important than ever. We have therefore extended the appeals deadline so that you can continue promoting the UA:

To do so, please see the Urgent Action with the additional informations and model letters here

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