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Abgeschlossen am 6. Juli 2021

Human rights defender has been released!


Great news: Chadian human rights defender Baradine Berdei Targuio has been released!

This quick note is to inform you that Baradine Berdei Targuio was released from detention on 10 June 2021. However, his release is somewhat conditional. He can’t travel, neither abroad, nor within the country. He is not allowed to speak to media and NGOs. This situation should last until an amnesty decree that would include him is issued by the government. However, we don’t know how much time it will take.

Since our initial goal – Baradine’s release - has been achieved, and that Baradine Berdei Targuio, while still at risk, is not exposed to immediate danger, we will close our Urgent Action on his case.

We will continue to campaign on the case using other tools, and call for the lifting of his release conditions.

Many thanks for your commitment and action!

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