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Startseite Urgent Actions 2019 12 Palestinian father and son arbitrarily detained Two Palestinian nationals both sentenced
FI 172/19-4
Abgeschlossen am 11. Januar 2022

Two Palestinian nationals both sentenced


Palestinian nationals Dr. Mohamed al-Khudari and his son Hani al-Khudari had their appeal trial on 28 December, and were both sentenced to:
- 6 years for Dr. Mohamed with 3 years suspension, so basically 3 years
- 3 years for Hani to be followed by deportation from Saudi Arabia.

With the time both men already served in prison counted, this mean that both men should be released in 2 months from now (February/March).

However, this verdict could still be overturned or changed by the Supreme Court - as happened with others. So we still need to wait. No date has been set for the Supreme Court hearing yet.

Given our concern that the Supreme Court could overturn or amend the sentencing, we have decided to wait for a hearing date to be set before issuing a formal UA update, continuing to pressure the authorities to ensure both men are released. We will keep you posted.

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