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UA 171/19
Abgeschlossen am 10. Januar 2020

Nine activists jailed for protesting

AI-Index: AFR 49/1551/2019

Nine activists, Guy Marius Sagna, Mamadou Diao Diallo, Malick Biaye, Pape Abdoulaye Touré, Babacar Diop, Souleymane Diockou, Ousmane Sarr, Souleymane Ndjim and Fallou Galass, were arrested on 29 November 2019 in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, and charged with «participation in an unauthorised gathering». Eight of them have been held in detention since then and are on hunger strike. The health of two of the activists has deteriorated since.


On 26 November, the national company of electricity, Senelec, announced an increase of the price of electricity for customers, deemed necessary by the state, following the increase in the price of oil.

Civil society and pro-democracy movements decided to protest against the price increase.

On 29 November, the Prefect of Dakar invited a representative from these movements to a meeting, asking them to change the itinerary of the march, initially planned from Place of Nation to the Gate of President House in Dakar. The Prefect of Dakar suggested the organisers use a new itinerary from the Place of Nation to the Head office of the national television broadcaster RTS.

The representatives of the civil society and pro-democracy movements proposed to organise the protest in Front of the Head Office of the electricity company, which the Prefect refused.

Five organisations, Democracies forces of Senegal (Les Forces Démocratiques du Sénégal), Red vests (Gilets Rouges), Senegal Our Priority (Sénégal Notre Priorité), Nittu Dëgg and the Front for a Popular Anti-Imperialist Revolution and Pan-African (FRAAP), decided to maintain the first itinerary, ending the march in front of President House and handing the President a letter.

The nine activists were arrested during the protest in front of the gates of the President’s palace.

Guy Marius Sagna is a prominent activist in Senegal. In July, he was arbitrarily detained and charged with false alert of terrorism. He was released on bail on16 August.

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