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FI 171/19-2
Abgeschlossen am 12. März 2020

Activist still held in detention

AI-Index: AFR 49/1741/2020

Guy Marius Sagna is still detained in Camp Penal prison in Dakar, Senegal, charged with inciting and participating in an unauthorised gathering, and rebellion. Activists Ousmane Sarr and Fallou Galass Seck were released on bail on 21 January 2020. Guy Marius Sagna must be immediately and unconditionally released.


The second request for the provisional release of Guy Marius Sagna was denied on 21 January. His lawyer will submit a new request on 30 January.

In a letter published on 29 January on social media, Guy Marius declared «I am in prison in a high security unit reserved for terrorists, I am the only Senegalese person who does not have the right to use the telephone, in two months I have only seen seven visitors.»

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