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UA 165/19
Abgeschlossen am 7. Januar 2020

Five activists in detention

AI-Index: AFR 29/1472/2019

Five pro-democracy activists, Alseny Farinta Camara, Moussa Sanoh, Boubacar Diallo, Thierno Seydi Ly and Thierno Oumar Barry, were arrested on 14 November 2019 in Kindia, western Guinea, and charged with participation in an unauthorised gathering. They are all members of pro-democracy coalition National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC in French). Two of the activists require medical attention.


On 12 November, the mayor of the urban commune of Kindia banned the demonstration of the regional branch of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC), scheduled for 14 November, as it coincided with a ceremony held by the local authorities. The local coordinators of FNDC decided the decision was unfounded and upheld the protest.

All five activists were arrested minutes before the protest against the revision of the constitution in Guinea. They were at a rallying point waiting for protestors when police arrested them.

They were all transferred to Kindia Prison the same day, where they have been held since. All five activists were charged with participation in an unauthorised gathering.

At least 25 activists, including members of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), have been arrested since 14 November in Kindia and Conakry, also in western Guinea, during protests against the revision of the constitution in Guinea.

FNDC is a coalition of non-governmental groups and opposition parties that boycotted the consultation process which started national demonstrations against the potential revision of the constitution in October. Since FNDC announced the first protests, at least 16 protestors and bystanders were killed during demonstrations between 12 October and 14 November. Leaders of pro-democracy movements and scores of protestors have been arrested and sentenced. On 22 October, five other FNDC national leaders, including the national coordinator Aboudoulaye Sanoh, were sentenced to between six months and one year in prison.

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