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FI 160/19-2
Abgeschlossen am 5. Dezember 2019

Representative’s trial started

AI-Index: AMR 53/1529/2019

The trail against Juan Requesens, Venezuelan Representative in the National Assembly who has been in pre-trial detention since his arbitrary detention on 7 August 2018, finally begun on 2 December after repeated undue delays and irregularities.

Fourteen months since his arbitrary detention, and thanks to the collective struggle of Juan’s lawyer, civil society organizations, and the international support of activists who joined forces to demand respect for his right to a trial without undue delays, the trial against Juan began on 2 December.

On 2 December, the first hearing of his trial proceedings took place, although it was not completed, and the continuation was set for 4 December. After many hours of uncertainty on 4 December, the hearing took place, but it was interrupted again until 12 December for its continuation. We expect further irregularities during the trial and violations to Juan Requesens’ right to a fair trial and due process guarantees.

Amnesty International will continue to document and analyse the circumstances surrounding Juan Requesens’ arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly the reports of torture and other ill-treatment, in order to pursue truth, justice and reparation for Juan.

No further action is requested. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.


Juan Requesens was arbitrary detained on 7 August 2018, after he gave a strong statement as representative of the National Assembly against Nicolás Maduro’s government. He was arrested in his house without a court order, late at night. The process to lift his parliamentary immunity was untimely, arbitrary and irregular. Authorities of Maduro’s government released a video in which Requesens would have admitted his participation in some facts that are allegedly linked to a drone attack against Nicolás Maduro on 5 August 2018, while he was being held incommunicado and isolated. According to his lawyer, he does not remember having recorded such video, and by his appearance in the video, his family suspects that he was under the effect of some sort of drug that prompted his statements and alleged confession.

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