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UA 143/19
Abgeschlossen am 31. Dezember 2019
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11.12.2019 UA number has changed

The UA number has changed from 170 to 143/19.

The UA-Nummer wurde geändert von 170 auf neu 143/19.

Human rights organization threatened

AI-Index: AMR 23/1309/2019

Since the beginning of November, members of dhColombia have been surveilled by unknow men outside their homes and office. dhColombia is an advocacy organization that provides legal support to victims of human rights violations and searches accountability from prominent military members, public force and multinationals. On August a member of dhColombia faced communication espionage, theft of sensitive information and life threats. On 4 October, dhColombia requested protection measures from the National Protection Unit (UNP) without receiving a response yet. We are urging the UNP to grant dhColombia members the protection measures they requested.


dhColombia is an advocacy group that provides timely support, responding to urgent situations of individuals and communities who are victims of human rights violations. The organization provides legal representation and participation of victims in national and international judicial courts. Most of their work focuses on ensuring that the Colombian state carries out thorough investigations in cases of serious human rights violations and that senior officers of the National Army, the National Police, and other state agents linked to these violations are held criminally responsible.

In addition, dhColombia provides legal accompaniment to communities, families, organizations and social movements in cases of land restitution, defence of the territory and criminal sanction of companies linked to human rights violations. They handle high-profile cases in the search of accountability from military officers and other governmental actors. Some of their cases include the one of the Rios Vivo community, the San Jose de Apartado community and the case of Alfamir Castillo, among others.

Because of their work, dhColombia members and their families are facing continues threats. dhColombia only has one individual protection measure in place, which is ineffective, as the dhColombia team is still suffering from threats due to the nature of their work.

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