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Startseite Urgent Actions 2019 09 Uyghur academic faces execution in China Uyghur academic remains at grave risk of execution
FI 119/19-1
Abgeschlossen am 23. Dezember 2019

Uyghur academic remains at grave risk of execution


We are EXTENDING THE APPEAL DEADLINE TO 23 DECEMBER 2019 for First UA 119/19 regarding Uyghur academic, Tashpolat Tiyip. While we do not have any new information about Tashpolat’s situation, we are in close touch with his family who fear that he remains at grave risk of execution.

Tashpolat’s case has received global attention and, in addition to various news outlets covering his story, the new chair of the European Parliament HR subcommittee DROI has put out a statement on the incommunicado detention and possible execution of citizens in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in China.

It is believed that continued pressure on the authorities will maintain positive attention on Tashpolat’s case and help towards ensuring that he is not executed.

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For information about the case, model letter and targets please see the original Urgent Action here

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