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UA 117/19
Viet Nam
Abgeschlossen am 18. Oktober 2019

Activist detained a year without trial

AI-Index: ASA 41/0997/2019

Đoàn Thị Hồng was unlawfully arrested in September 2018 and has been detained without trial. Held incommunicado for eleven months, her family were finally able to meet with her on 4 September 2019 and noticed a significant deterioration in her health. A prisoner of conscience, we call on the government to immediately and unconditionally release Đoàn Thị Hồng as she has been detained solely for peacefully exercising her human right to freedom of expression.


Đoàn Thị Hồng, born in 1983 in Bình Thuận province, Viet Nam is a member of Constitution Group (Nhóm Hiến Pháp) which advocates for the implementation of the chapter two of the Vietnamese 2013 constitution which guarantees basic human rights of all Vietnamese nationals.

In June 2018, Đoàn Thị Hồng participated in a public demonstration in Hồ Chí Minh city to protest a proposed law that would allow the government to establish special economic zones. This would allow foreign investors to use the land for up to 99 years and enjoy tax incentives, raising fears that it will restrict opportunities for local businesses.

While the family hired a lawyer to represent her case, Đoàn Thị Hồng told her sister in their recent visit that she does not want to have a lawyer as the police told her that her case would progress faster if she did not have a lawyer. Amnesty International has documented a pattern where police in Viet Nam often convince prisoners of conscience to waive their right to access to lawyer, promising to help boost the case if they agree to do so. Access to legal counsel is crucial to defend the rights of detainees and the authorities must facilitate rather than discourage it.

Đoàn Thị Hồng’s sister continues to fight for justice and regularly posts updates on her Facebook account and calls on the community to support her sister’s case. However, police have reportedly told Đoàn Thị Hồng and her father to stop the sister from reporting her case on Facebook.

Conditions of detention in Viet Nam’s police jails and prisons are harsh, especially for prisoners of conscience since they are often subjected to harassment and ill-treatment including poor food condition, assaults from other detainees, solitary confinement and at times torture. Pre-trial detention is dire because prisoners of conscience often face intense interrogation, physical and mental abuse, and limited access to lawyers and family. Authorities also often move prisoners of conscience to facilities which are far away from their hometown, making it difficult for their family to visit and provide supplies.

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