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UA 114/19
Saudi Arabia
Abgeschlossen am 15. Oktober 2019

Qatari father and son disappeared

AI-Index: MDE 23/0954/2019

On 18 August 2019, the family of two Qatari men, Ali Nasser Ali Jarallah (70) and his son Abdulhadi Ali Nasser Ali Jarallah (17) lost all contact with them as the two men travelled through Saudi Arabia to visit relatives. The father and son entered Saudi Arabia on 15 August on family visas and were on their way to Dammam. Amnesty International is concerned that they may have been forcibly disappeared.

Additional information

Ali Nasser Ali Jarallah (aged 70), and his son Abdulhadi (aged 17) are Qatari nationals who entered Saudi Arabia on a family visa on 15 August 2019. They were on their way to visit Ali Jarallah’s brother in Dammam. On 18 August, the two contacted their family in Qatar to inform them that they were nearing al-Hofuf city. Following this last contact, their phone remained connected a further three days, but they did not reply to calls and messages. Their phones were disconnected afterwards.

The father, uncle and son have no history of problematic issues with the Saudi authorities. Ali Nasser Ali Jarallah’s brother also holds the Saudi nationality.

On 26 August, a tweet carrying a recent video of Ali Jarallah and his son Abdulhadi along with a number of unidentified men was circulated. The tweet was subsequently deleted. The video is filmed in a white room that contains a hospital bed, with high small windows, and is fitted with a surveillance camera. In the video, Ali Jarallah says: «Had they detained me for a reason, there wouldn’t be a problem.» The other men in the room are heard asking him whether he is doing well. It is unknown who, when and where the video was taken.

The diplomatic crisis between Qatar and its Gulf neighbours of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that began in June 2017 persists. Sanctions imposed by these states against Qatar separated multinational families, cut short international students’ education, eliminated cross-border jobs, and caused a rise in food prices in Qatar that was detrimental for low income classes, especially migrant workers.

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