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Former Bahraini parliamentarian arrested

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On 6 August 2019, members of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) arrested former Bahraini parliamentarian Osama Jaber Muhana al-Tamimi at his home. The CID announced that he had been arrested for fraud. Since 2012, government authorities have subjected Osama al-Tamimi to false accusations in the government-linked press. In recent months, he has been summoned several times for questioning, while several unresolved crimes have targeted his personal businesses.


Former MP Osama Jaber Muhana al-Tamimi was known as a harsh critic of the government while in parliament and as one of the few Sunni parliamentarians willing to speak out against the Sunni ruling elite’s repression of the majority Shi’a population. In an April 2012 speech, he called for the resignation of the Prime Minister which was a key demand of the 2011 uprising. On 20 May 2014, the Council of Representatives removed him from parliament in a secret vote following deliberations behind closed doors.

Since 2012, Osama al-Tamimi has been subjected to a pattern of harassment by government authorities and false accusations in the government-linked press, while several unresolved crimes have targeted al-Tamimi’s personal safety and businesses.

In July 2013, an unexplained fire destroyed the boxing training club owned by Osama al-Tamimi in the town of Salmabad. In September 2013, the newspaper al-Ayam, alleged on the basis of a fabricated document that the U.S. Embassy had «recruited» al-Tamimi «to serve American interests.»

In November 2016, Osama al-Tamimi was sentenced to a month in prison accused of insulting a police officer. Upon his release after completion of his sentence in 2017, he was forced to pay over $66,000 USD at the al-Hoora police station. The authorities told him orally that if he did not pay the amount he would be sent back to prison.

On 4 June 2019, Osama al-Tamimi’s Caliber Gym was gutted by a second unexplained fire.


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Model letter

Your Excellency,

On 6 August 2019, members of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) arrested former Bahraini parliamentarian, Osama Jaber Muhana al-Tamimi, after having forced open the front door of his home. The next day, the CID announced that they had arrested him upon the Public Prosecution’s orders for fraud. The authorities have targeted the former MP since 2012 and over the past few months, they summoned him several times for questioning. On 15 June 2019, policemen in uniform driving unmarked cars stopped al-Tamimi on a public road and demanded his national ID card, which he gave them. Without presenting a search warrant, they then demanded his mobile phone, which he refused to hand over. He left the scene in his car and was followed aggressively by the unmarked police vehicles. Later that day he went with his family to the United States of America’s Embassy, seeking entry to claim physical protection and political asylum. The Embassy called on the Bahraini police to remove him from the premises.

«Since there are good reasons to believe that the charges brought by CID could be politically motivated, we call on you to provide him interim release, pending trial. In addition, the principles of due process recognized by international law – which have been ignored so far - should be promptly guaranteed to him. Amnesty International will closely monitor Osama al-Tamimi’s case».

Yours sincerely,

Appeals to

Minister of Interior Shaikh Rashid bin ‘Abdullah Al Khalifa
Ministry of Interior
P.O. Box 13

Fax: +973 1723 2661
Twitter: @moi_Bahrain

Salutation: Your Excellency,



Copies to

Ambassade du Royaume de Bahreïn
Place des Etats-Unis 3bis
F-75116 Paris

Fax: 00331 / 47 20 55 75
E-mail: ;

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