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21.11.2019: Withdrawal of Urgent Action

In light of new information, Amnesty no longer believes Osama Muhana al-Tamimi has been targeted or harassed by the government in 2019.

Amnesty apologizes to those in the Urgent Action network who have invested energy in the case.

→ For transparency reasons, we decided to keep the original case informations published.

Harassment of severely ill ex-MP continues

AI-Index: MDE 11/0946/2019

Osama al-Tamimi, a former MP who has suffered continued harassment together with his family by security forces, suffered a stroke following his arrest on 6 August 2019, leading to his hospitalization. Following his release by the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) on 11 August 2019, Osama al-Tamimi attempted to leave Bahrain to Oman to seek medical care on 16 August 2019. The airport authorities did not allow him to board the plane, citing a travel ban. The police later summoned him to appear at the al-Hoora police station on 18 August 2019; as his health deteriorated further he was immediately transferred to hospital where he was diagnosed with renal failure.


Former MP Osama Jaber Muhana al-Tamimi was known as a harsh critic of the Bahraini government while in parliament and as one of the few Sunni parliamentarians willing to speak out against the Sunni ruling elite’s repression of the majority Shi’a population. Since 2012, Osama al-Tamimi has been subjected to a pattern of harassment by government authorities and false accusations in the government-linked press, while several unresolved crimes have targeted al-Tamimi’s personal safety and businesses. On 6 August 2019 members of the CID arrested his at his home. The CID later issued a statement announcing that he had been arrested for fraud.

On 9 August, Osama al-Tamimi is seen, under police guard, in the emergency department of the Salmaniya Medical Complex, a governmental hospital. On 11 August, his family established that he had suffered a stroke and they were allowed a short visit, the first since his arrest. The same day, the CID released him and despite his family’s and doctors’ advice, he discharged himself and sought private medical treatment. In the following days, Osama al-Tamimi suffered several nose bleeds, had difficulties eating and breathing. On 15 August, while he was visiting his doctor at the private hospital accompanied by his brother, members of the CID came to his home asking to see him and scared the family. This prompted him to decide to travel abroad, first to Oman.

In the early hours of 16 August, the airport authorities stopped him and his family from travelling. The same day, while he was attending treatment in a private hospital, policemen surrounded his home where his children were home alone. They then slipped under the door written summons to appear at al-Hoora police station two days later and shouted that they would raid the home if Osama al-Tamimi did not comply with the summons. On 18 August, after visiting his doctor, he attended the police station accompanied by his lawyer. But in view of his medical deterioration, the CID postponed the interrogation and instead called an ambulance to transfer him immediately to Salmaniya hospital. On 21 August, Osama al-Tamimi was diagnosed with kidneys failure: one kidney stopped working and the other is functioning at 30%. On 25 August, he underwent his first dialysis and is now hospitalized in a private clinic.

Since 16 August 2019, members of the State Security have regularly been surrounding Osama al-Tamimi’s home, scaring and harassing members of his family despite the fact that he is being hospitalized and in a very serious condition. On 29 August, al-Tamimi’s young daughter posted on her Instagram account: «Large number of police officers are breaking our doors now and my father is in the hospital». The State police entered and sent all the family members present in the house to their bedrooms and switched off the electricity mains. This resulted in Osama al-Tamimi’s three-year-old child fainting and having difficulty breathing. Al-Tamimi then decided to check himself out again from the clinic to be with his family. When he arrived at the house, the police were there to detain him again stating that he would be interrogated by a forgery expert. The next day, al-Tamimi was released and his family took him again for private treatment.

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