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12.06.2019 Latest news

Today it has been reported that the European Court of Human Rights has granted interim measures in favour of Edem Bekirov, following a request under Rule 39, urging Russia to transfer him to hospital.

Please take action as it will help to increase pressure on the Russian authorities and hopefully bring positive impact.

Thank you very much for your support.

Health of imprisoned Crimean Tatar at risk

AI-Index: EUR 46/0470/2019

Crimean Tatar, Edem Bekirov, has been detained in Simferopol since his detention by Russian security forces on 12 December 2018. He is a wheelchair user and has serious health conditions that require specialised medical care not available in the detention centre. After the last visit on 24 May, his lawyer reported a grave deterioration of Edem Bekirov’s health prompting concerns for his life.


Edem Bekirov is a member of the ethnic Crimean Tatar minority in Ukraine. Part of his family still live in the Crimean peninsula, which was occupied and annexed by Russia in 2014. On 12 December 2018, Edem Bekirov was visiting his mother and relatives in Crimea when he was detained by Russian security forces. Following his arrest, Edem Bekirov was subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, did not receive medical assistance or food or water for two days, and has had his right to a fair trial violated. He has been accused of possession and transfer of explosives and ammunition. These charges are often reported used by Russian law enforcement authorities to target individuals arbitrarily, particularly in the context of politically-motivated prosecution. Edem Bekirov maintains his innocence.

Since the occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014, Amnesty International has documented the systematic persecution of members of the Crimean Tatar community by Russian authorities (see for instance In the dark: The silencing of dissent). Edem Bekirov’s case has gained international attention and has been raised publicly alongside that of other Crimean Tatars by international organisations as the Council of Europe and the European Union.


Take action

  • Write an appeal in your own words or use the model letter below.
  • Please take action before 12 July 2019.
  • Preferred language: English and Russian. You can also write in your own language.


Model letter

Dear Major General,

I am writing to you to express my concern regarding the deteriorating health of Edem Bekirov, who is currently held in the Simferopol SIZO after being detained on 12 December 2018 while he was visiting his mother in Crimea.

Edem Bekirov, who is a wheelchair user, is held in a detention centre that is not suitable for a person with a disability, and that prevents him from getting fresh air or access basic sanitation. Moreover, he has a number of medical conditions, including diabetes, an open wound on his amputated leg, and heart problems after a heart attack, that require specialised and constant medical care that is not available in the detention centre. After the most recent visit on 24 May, Edem Bekirov’s lawyer reported a visible deterioration of his health which raises concerns not only for his wellbeing but his life. Edem Bekirov’s family are extremely concerned about the inhumane conditions in which Edem Bekirov is being kept and that the lack of medical care and inadequate treatment is putting his life at risk.

The conditions in which Edem Bekirov is kept, including non-provision of the medical care he requires, violate his human rights, putt his life at risk and amount to inhuman and degrading treatment.

I therefore call on you to urgently ensure that Edem Bekirov is provided with the medical care he requires, including in a hospital outside of the penitentiary system if this is not available to him in detention.

Yours sincerely,


Appeals to

Major General Vadim V. Bulgakov
Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service Directorate for Crimea
Ul. Gagarina 18-a

Email: /

Salutation: Dear Major General,



Copies to

Ambassade de la Fédération de Russie
Brunnadernrain 37
3006 Berne

Fax: 031 352 55 95

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