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FI 062/19-2
Abgeschlossen am 18. Dezember 2019

Human rights defender Ela continues to be under investigation


We do not have yet a trial date or any indication of the charges being dropped, so we are extending the deadline on the case of Elżbieta Podleśna (Ela). We are committed to update you regularly and review our strategy according to new developments.
The more consistent the pressure on the authorities, the better we hope the outcome will be for Ela.


About the recent news concerning a Polish activist that was acquitted of charges related to using the poster of the Virgin Mary with the rainbow halo at an equality march in Częstochowa:
Just to clarify, this activist was not Ela, and she continues to be under investigation for the charges of 'offending religious beliefs'. However it is good news indeed that the Prosecutor in Częstochowa decided that the picture itself does not offend religious beliefs.

Also, some of you might have been following the case of the 14 Polish Women Human Rights Defenders that faced prosecution for standing up to fascism and might have heard the amazing news that on 24 October 7 of the 14 women who had appealed the negative sentenced of 'interference with a lawful assembly', were declared not guilty of the charges. While Ela is one of the 14 women, she was not one of the 7. However, even if the judgement regards only some of the women, we are celebrating it as a victory for all of them as they put up a collective fight, supporting one another in this court case.



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