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UA 053/19
Abgeschlossen am 10. Juni 2019

Journalist charged with spreading false news

AI-Index: AFR 14/0274/2019

Casimir Kpedjo, the managing editor of the newspaper «New Economy» (Nouvelle Economie), was charged with publishing «false information» on 23 April. The charge is in relation to articles from the New Economy newspaper that Casimir shared on Facebook about the economic situation in Benin. He has been released on bail pending his trial which begins on 2 May.


Casimir Kpedjo was arrested by the police on 18 April after he shared some articles from the New Economy newspaper on Facebook. The newspaper articles allege that Beninese authorities had contracted a debt of nearly 725 million USD (428 CFA billion) in breach of the 2019 finance law.

His laptops and mobile phones were confiscated when he was arrested.

Benin has adopted several repressive laws in recent years which are now being used to crackdown on dissent, including a Code of digital law (Code digital) adopted in 2017 which criminalizes publication of false information, press offenses online and incitement to rebellion online.

The Beninese authorities shut down the Internet and social media on 28 April during the legislative elections.

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