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Abgeschlossen am 24. Juli 2019

Bloggers freed on bail still facing charges

AI-Index: AFR 38/0500/2019

Bloggers Cheikh Ould Jiddou and Abderrahmane Weddady were released on bail on 3 June. However, they are still facing the charge of «malicious accusation» and their travel documents and national identification cards are being held by the economic crimes police. The two bloggers were arrested and detained on 22 March after posting comments on Facebook condemning corruption.


On 3 June, the Nouakchott Court ordered the release on bail of two high-profile Mauritanian bloggers, Abderrahmane Weddady and Cheikh Ould Jiddou.

Cheikh Ould Jiddou and Abderrahmane Weddady were arrested on 22 March by the Economic Crimes Police in Mauritania’s capital Nouakchott, charged with «malicious accusation», and detained at the central prison.

Before their arrest, international and national media including Al-Jazeera, Al-Quds and Al-Arabiya published articles alleging that authorities in the United Arab Emirates had frozen an account containing two billion dollars that was set up by persons close to the Mauritanian government. The two bloggers posted comments on Facebook condemning the alleged corruption based on information shared in the media articles.

Although Abderrahmane and Cheikh Jiddou have been released, they cannot travel and cannot vote in the upcoming 22 June presidential elections as their national ID cards and passports are still confiscated by the authorities. They can also be jailed at any moment as the charge against them is still pending.

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