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Abgeschlossen am 18. Juni 2019

Bad news: sentence confirmed


Sharing the media quote in English and in French following the court’s decision to uphold Dennis Christensen’s sentence.

We will be in touch again once the team discusses with relevant stakeholders.


16.05.2019 Update

Just a quick update to share what happened today in the appeal hearing against prisoner of conscience Dennis Christensen.

During today’s hearing there was a debate between the parties but no decision was made. The hearing was attended by foreign diplomats and journalists.

Although tomorrow was originally supposed to be the last hearing date, the court announced it will not resume until Thursday 23 May (10am Oryol time).

Please continue to send appeals until 18 June 2019.


07.05.2019 Appeal hearing continues and extensions of the appeals deadline

As announced, today 7 May the appeal hearing in the case against prisoner of conscience Dennis Christensen has started. The Court hasn’t reached a decision and the hearing will continue tomorrow and two additional dates have been set for 16 and 17 May.

Therefore we are now extending the appeal deadline of the original UA until 18 June 2019.


We have also been given permission by Jehovah’s Witnesses to share this video:





Please find the original Urgent Action with the Model letter her

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