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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2019 02


Detained online activist alleges torture in prison
Soro Tangboho alias Carton noir, an outspoken online activist, was arbitrarily arrested on 8 November 2018 in the town of Korhogo (the north of the country). He was detained and subjected to torture and other ill-treatment for while live streaming a video on Facebook showing police officers who were, according to him, extorting money from motorists. He has been accused of disrupting public order. Soro Tangboho is currently hospitalized at the MACA prison clinic.
Poet held over poem calling for government reform
Abdirahman Ibrahim Adan, a poet in Somaliland, has been in detention since 12 January. He was arrested after he had recited a poem the previous day in which he called on the Somaliland government to reform its prisons and criminal justice system.
Demand transfer for Native American activist
Native American activist Leonard Peltier has been imprisoned in the USA for over 40 years despite concerns over the fairness of his trial. The Bureau of Prisons should grant his request for a transfer, so he can be in a facility that is closer to his relatives and with better access to medical care facilities to treat his chronic health issues. We also continue to call for Leonard Peltier to be granted clemency and be released.
Sixty-two activists, protesters arbitrarily held
Sixty-two people including activists from the Independence Movement of Cabinda (Movimento Independista de Cabinda – MIC) together with their family members and colleagues, were arrested between 28 January and 1 February in Cabinda, Angola. They were arrested for their involvement in peaceful protests. They are being arbitrarily detained at Cabinda Province civil prison.
Danish Jehovah’s witness jailed for his faith
Danish national and Jehovah’s Witness Dennis Christensen was found guilty on 6 February of «organizing activities of an extremist organization» and sentenced to six years imprisonment by a court in Orel, western Russia. He is a prisoner of conscience imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of religion. He must be immediately and unconditionally released, and his conviction must be quashed.
Indigenous rights defenders disappeared
On 12 February, Mexican Indigenous human rights defenders, Obtilia Eugenio Manuel and Hilario Cornelio Castro disappeared while traveling through Guerrero state, southwest Mexico. They were both members of the Organization of Indigenous Mepha'a People (OPIM, Organización del Pueblo Indígena Mepha'a). Since 2009, due to their human rights work, Obtilia Eugenio and other OPIM members have received several attacks and threats, including death threats. Obtilia Eugenio was recently elected member of the Indigenous Municipal Council of the Ayutla de los Libres town (Guerrero state). Their fate or whereabouts are unknown. Authorities must urgently search for them and bring those responsible to justice.
Journalist harassed to silence dissent
Maria Ressa, executive editor of online news outlet Rappler and press freedom advocate, was arrested on 13 February 2019 over politically motivated «cyber-libel» charges (online defamation). She was held overnight and then released after posting PhP100,000 (approx. USD2,000) in bail. Rappler has been a consistent critic of President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration, and Maria Ressa’s arrest appears to be part of broader campaign to silence critics of the government.
Baloch activist held incommunicado
On 26 December 2018, Emirati security forces detained Pakistani national Rashid Hussain Brohi without an arrest warrant. He has been held incommunicado since then. Emirati authorities have not disclosed his location, any cause for arrest, or any charges being raised against him. There are strong indications that Emirati officials are preparing to deport or extrajudicially render Rashid Hussain to Pakistan, where he was involved in Baloch activism prior to moving to the Emirates. There is reason to fear his life would be in danger if he were forcibly returned to Pakistan.
Saudi activist held in solitary confinement
Woman human rights defender, Nassima al-Sada, was placed in solitary confinement since early February 2019, in al-Mabahith Prison in Dammam. Nassima has been detained since July 2018 without charge or trial. Nassima’s detention was part of a recent wave of arrests that targeted Saudi human rights activists. Since May 2018, at least 15 human rights activists, including several women human rights defenders have been detained without charge in Saudi Arabia. Amnesty International calls on the Saudi authorities to release Nassima al-Sada and all other human rights activists immediately and unconditionally.
Prisoner of conscience denied medical access
Hajer Mansoor Hassan, aged 50, who is held in Isa Town Detention Centre for Women in Bahrain, is being denied adequate medical care. Hajer Mansoor is the mother-in-law of prominent human rights activist Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, who is based in the United Kingdom. She is a prisoner of conscience, who was detained following an unfair trial, staged to silence Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei. In August 2018, Hajer Mansoor discovered a lump in her breast, and although she underwent medical tests including a mammogram, she was not informed of the results. Hajer fears that the lump might be cancerous, and her repeated requests to be referred for medical check-ups have been ignored. Meanwhile, the Cassation Court is expected to issue its verdict into her three-year prison sentence, on February 25.
Environmental rights defender killed
Samir Flores Soberanes, environmental, land and territory human rights defender, was shot death on 20 February, after receiving several death threats for his work defending the territory of his community. Samir was a member of a grassroots collective for environmental and the territorial protection called Front of Peoples in Defence of the Earth and Agua in the states of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala (southeast Mexico). He was also vocal against the geothermic project called «Proyecto Integral Morelos» and had received written death threats and was beaten by an unknown group in October 2018.
NGOs and human rights defenders at risk
Proposed legislative reform in Guatemala would impose undue restrictions, controls and sanctions on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), threatening the rights to freedom of expression and association in the country. The reforms are due to be voted upon and adopted within the coming weeks. Call on Guatemala’s Congress to refrain from debating and passing Bill 5257 to ensure that human rights defenders can continue their activities.
Prisoner in terminal stages of cancer
Alia Abdelnoor Mohamed Abdelnoor is serving a 10-year prison sentence and is in the terminal stages of cancer. On 10 January 2019, as her health deteriorated, Alia was transferred from a government hospital to Tawam Hospital in the al-Ain Emirate in the UAE. She is chained to her hospital bed and held in solitary confinement. Her family was not immediately informed of the transfer and was only able to visit her in hospital for the first time on 11 February.
Opposition activist at risk in Tajikistan
Sharofiddin Gadoev is believed to be held by the Tajik authorities following his arbitrary arrest in Moscow on 14 February and forcible return to Tajikistan. He is a member of Tajikistan’s opposition National Alliance coalition and Group 24, an opposition political movement banned in Tajikistan. Sharofiddin Gadoev is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.
Three Jehovah’s witnesses at risk of torture
On 15 February Russian law enforcement officials carried out raids on homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the city of Surgut and arrested at least 40 people. There are credible allegations of torture and other ill-treatment in custody. Sergei Loginov, Artur Severinchik and Yevgeniy Fedin remain remanded in custody and are at serious risk of torture and other ill-treatment. They are prisoners of conscience, detained solely in connection with their religious beliefs, and must be released immediately and unconditionally.