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UA 010/19
Abgeschlossen am 12. März 2019

Woman human rights defender facing threats online

AI-Index: AFR 41/9744/2019

Woman human rights defender Fátima Mimbire has been receiving intimidating messages on social media from unknown people since 18 January. These threats began after she took up an active role in the Centre for Public Integrity’s (CIP) campaign against the Mozambique government seeking to repay loans it acquired illegally and secretly. There has also been a smear campaign aimed at Fátima on social media in an attempt to further intimidate her and delegitimize her work.


Between 2013 and 2014, the Mozambican Government obtained loans of over two billion dollars without parliamentary approval to set up three state-owned companies: Proindicus, Mozambique Tuna Company (Ematum) and Mozambique Asset Management (MAM). The loans were arranged by Credit Suisse and a Russian investment bank. The discovery of these secret loans in 2016 led the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and international donors to halt financial support to Mozambique resulting in the collapse of its economy.

CIP is an independent civil society organization that has taken a firm stance against corruption, lack of accountability and transparency in both public and private sectors. CIP has been at the forefront of providing public information on the implications and significance of these illegally and secretly acquired loans. CIP has been using social media to provide frequent updates on the trial of Mr. Manuel Chang, the former Mozambique Finance Minister who signed the loans. CIP translated into Portuguese the indictment issued by the New York Eastern District Court, which accuses several public officials of defrauding investors by secretly negotiating illegal loans on behalf of the Mozambican state.

On 25 January, the Political Committee of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO), the ruling party, in a press release called on the general public to remain vigilant of behavior leading to «incitement against public order and tranquility». This appeal can increase the risks for human rights defenders who have spoken publicly against corruption.

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