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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2018 11


Activist charged for peaceful anti-military protest
Activist Tin Maung Kyi has been detained for staging a peaceful solo protest calling on the international community to arrest senior Myanmar generals. He has been charged under laws often used to silence peaceful activists and faces up to two years and one month in prison if found guilty. He must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Christian woman accused of blasphemy at risk
Aasia Noreen, known as Aasia Bibi, is a Christian farmworker who was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 2010. Despite being acquitted of all charges by the Supreme Court, the Pakistani government gave in to demands by a violent mob, stopping her from leaving the country and having the Supreme Court review its ruling.
Nine umbrella movement leaders to stand trial
Nine leaders of the 2014 Hong Kong pro-democracy protests are being charged with three vague and ambiguous offences, each facing a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment. The continued prosecution of prominent figures of the Umbrella Movement is having a chilling effect on freedom of peaceful assembly and expression.
Lawyer detained in undisclosed location
Human rights lawyer, Hoda Abdelmoniem, was arrested on 1 November 2018. State Security forces broke into her apartment and took her to an undisclosed location.
80-year-old Egyptian’s death sentence upheld
On 24 September 2018, the Court of Cassation upheld the death sentence of Sheikh Abdel Rehim Abdel Halim Gabreel – an 80-year-old Quran tutor – in one of Egypt’s largest mass trials since 2011.
Amnesty India and Greenpeace India at risk of shut down
Amnesty India and Greenpeace India have been targeted by the Government of India in a series of «raids», which appear to be politically motivated. The bank accounts of both organisations have been frozen, effectively stopping their work. This is the latest in the  clampdown by Indian authorities to crush civil society in India.
Health of prisoner of conscience critical
Nguyễn Văn Túc health is quickly deteriorating to the point where he is fainting on a daily basis, yet the authorities continue to deny him adequate medical treatment and have moved him to a remote prison, making family visits much more difficult. Determined to be a prisoner of conscience, Nguyễn Văn Túc should be immediately and unconditionally released.
Activists’ whereabouts unknown after arrest
Activists Arsene Katolo, Alain Muwaka, Oto Shaminga, Heritier Losomba, Miko Booto, Enoch Muanda and Mwanza are being held incommunicado at an unknown location in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They were arrested on 11 September in the capital Kinshasa while distributing leaflets against plans to use voting machines in the upcoming elections.
Workers arrested for trying to set up trade union
Three factory workers and an NGO worker have been arrested for attempting to set up a trade union in China. In addition to restricted access to their lawyers, the four men have been unable to see or communicate with their families since their detention in July 2018. As a result, there are concerns for their well-being and their access to a fair trial.
Opposition youth leader still detained one year on
Opposition youth leader Christian Lumu Lukusa has been in arbitrary detention since 22 November 2017, when he was arrested in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He was arrested by men believed to be agents of the National Intelligence Agency (Agence Nationale de Renseignements, ANR). Family visits have been restricted and he has not been allowed access to a lawyer.
Social justice activist on hunger strike
Suha Jbara has been on hunger strike since 22 November in protest against her detention and torture by Palestinian security forces. Her next court hearing is scheduled for 6 December 2018.