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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2018 08


Prisoner must remain hospitalised post-surgery
24-year old detainee Ibragim Yangulbaev is gravely ill and was being denied essential post-surgery health care in pre-trial detention until 28 July when he was hospitalised. He must be allowed to stay in hospital until full recovery.
Journalist accused of «justification of terrorism»
Victor Korb, a human rights defender and journalist, is being unjustly prosecuted for «public justification of terrorism» on account of publishing the final statement of the person whose rights he defends. The charges against him should be dropped immediately.
Fears for two disappeared Russian prisoners
The fate and whereabouts of IT specialist Victor Filinkov and civil society activist Yuliy Boyarshinov remain unknown. They were last seen on 28 July, in a detention centre in Yaroslavl, Russia but are now believed to be in transit to an undisclosed location. There are grave concerns for their safety.
Indigenous activist slandered and stigmatised
Military official accuses Venezuelan Indigenous environmental rights defender Lisa Henrito of «treason» - on national television - due to her activism in the defence of the Pemón Indigenous People's traditional territory.
Activist faces 14 years in jail for media interview
Shahidul Alam, photographer and outspoken social activist, has been charged under Section 57 of Bangladesh’s Information and Communication Technology Act after giving an interview to Al-Jazeera on the current wave of school student protests in Bangladesh. Detained and charged solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression, Shahidul Alam must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Indigenous leader threatened by armed men
Amada Martínez, human rights defender from the Tekoha Sauce Indigenous community of the Avá Guaraní People in south-east Paraguay, was threatened by three armed men wearing uniforms of the Itaipú Binational (Paraguay-Brazil) hydroelectric plant on 8 August, in the presence of three minors, her sister and a taxi driver.
Whereabouts of community activist unknown
Joaquim Costa Zangui, the National Youth Secretary of the Democratic Bloc, was abducted by unknown men on 12 August. He went missing a day after he had presided over the electoral process to elect the new Residential Commission President in Massaque, Viana Municipality, Angola. His whereabouts remain unknown.
US-Mexico asylum deal would put many at risk
In recent closed-door discussions, the US and Mexico are considering declaring Mexico a «safe third country». This would block all asylum seekers passing through Mexico from seeking protection in US and force them to stay in dangerous and under-equipped Mexico. This deal could be agreed in coming weeks putting thousands at risk.
Syrian Kurd at imminent risk of execution
On 13 August, Kamal Hassan Ramezan, a Syrian Kurd on death row in Iran, was removed from his cell in Urumieh Central Prison in the city of Urumieh, West Azerbaijan province, by officials from the Office for the Implementation of Sentences. He has not been heard from since. He is at imminent risk of execution.
Nigerian journalist detained and threatened
Journalist Samuel Ogundipe is being detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) headquarters, Guzape district Abuja. He was brought to court without a lawyer present and has been charged with «criminal trespass» and «theft of police document». He was arrested on 14 August after honouring an invitation by the SARS unit of the Nigerian police to report to their office as part of an investigation into a news article Premium Times, the online newspaper he works for, published.
Opposition politician detained; signs of torture
On 14 August, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, a Ugandan singer turned politician was arrested and later charged with unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition on 16 August. While being arrested, he was physically assaulted with visible injuries and swelling on his face and body.
Fears for prisoner of conscience after death threat
Human rights defender Tran Thi Nga recently told her husband in a hurried phone call that she had been brutally beaten up and has received a death threats by another inmate. After a previous call with her family, it appears that the attacks have been orchestrated by prison authorities to punish her. Detained for more than 18 months, Tran Thi Nga is a prisoner of conscience and must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Christians sentenced for practicing their faith
Iranian Christians, Victor Bet-Tamraz, his wife Shamiram Issavi, Amin Afshar-Naderi and Hadi Asgari, have been sentenced to a combined total of 45 years in prison solely for practising their Christian faith, including through attending Christmas gatherings and organizing house churches. If imprisoned, they would be prisoners of conscience.
Prisoner at risk of losing eyesight
Kazakhstani activist and blogger, Muratbek Tungishbayev risks losing sight in his left eye due to the penitentiary authorities’ failure to provide him with necessary medical care following surgery he had on his eye. He remains held in pre-trial detention in Almaty, on politically-motivated charges and requires urgent surgery immediately in order to save his sight. Amnesty International considers Muratbek Tungishbayev to be a prisoner of conscience.
South Sudanese activist arbitrarily detained
Bashir Ahmed Mohamed Babiker, a member of the South Sudanese civil society, was arrested by the National Security Service (NSS) in Yambio on Wednesday 8 August. He is being held at a NSS detention centre in Yambio. No charges have been brought against him and he has not had access to a lawyer.
18 months in prison for mosque noise complaint
Meiliana, an ethnic Chinese Buddhist woman, has been convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to 18 months in prison for complaining about the loudspeaker volume at a local mosque. Amnesty International considers her a prisoner of conscience who must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Istanbul vigils must be allowed to take place
On 25 August, police in Istanbul used unnecessary and excessive force to disperse people taking part in a longstanding weekly peaceful vigil. The authorities must ensure that future vigils, including the next one planned for 1 September, are allowed to take place.
Businessman arbitrarily detained for 4 months
Kerbino Agok Wol, a South Sudanese businessman and philanthropist, has been languishing in detention since 27 April. He is being held at the National Security Service (NSS) headquarters in Juba. He has been denied access to a lawyer and has not been informed of any charges against him. His health has deteriorated since he was detained, and he has not been given adequate medical care.
Online activist held incommunicado over a month
Ahmed Al-Dai Bushara Joudah, a journalist and social media activist, was arbitrarily arrested on 16 July in Omdurman, Sudan by National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) agents. He is currently being held without charge at the NISS detention centre in Khartoum North. He has been denied access to a lawyer and family. He is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment while in detention.