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FI 108/18-1
Abgeschlossen am 22. April 2019

Aljandra risks deportation within the next hours


Alejandra’s request for parole, her motion to reopen her asylum case with the Board of Immigration Appeals, and her request for a stay on her deportation were all denied. She’s no longer protected from removal and Amnesty International has learned that she could be deported within the next 48 hours. If Alejandra is sent to El Salvador, as in other parts of Central America, she will face an extremely high risk of danger as a targeted trans woman.

Alejandra is a 43-year-old trans woman from El Salvador who has been in US immigration detention since December 2017. In El Salvador, Alejandra was a human rights defender and beautician, until she fled following an attack and sexual assault by members of a gang and the military due to her transgender identity. She was attacked and beaten by gang members repeatedly from 2013 to 2016, leaving scars on her scalp, face and leg. In April 2018, Alejandra appeared before a US immigration court to present the merits of her asylum case at the detention facility where she is being held, but she was denied. She also requested for parole, which was denied several times by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), without providing a detailed justification to her lawyer as to why. These rejections happened despite the fact that she presents no risk of fleeing while she awaits an immigration judge’s decision on her asylum claim, since a family member with whom she would stay has already won asylum and settled in the US. According to LGBTI and refugee rights organizations, three transgender women were murdered in El Salvador in the first two months of 2019 alone, including one who was murdered within weeks of being deported from the USA.

More information on this case, please see the Original UA here

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