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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2018 05


Pride march must be allowed to go ahead
A student-organised Pride march, is due to take place on 11 May, on the Ankara based Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) campus, but is at risk of being blocked by the Ankara Governorate and university authorities, in violation of the right to freedom of assembly. The march must be allowed to go ahead and the ongoing blanket ban on all LGBTI events in Ankara lifted.
Urge governor not to veto abolition bill
A bill abolishing the death penalty in the US state of New Hampshire, passed by its legislature, is due go to the Governor. He has said that he will veto it. He should sign it or allow it to become law and make New Hampshire the 20th abolitionist state in the USA.
Clampdown on free expression
Puerto Rico authorities responded violently to demonstrations on 1 May by repressing protesters and violating their rights to freedom of expression and assembly. With more demonstrations planned, peaceful protesters are at risk of further human rights violations.
Two Afro-descendant defenders criminalized
Sara Quiñonez and her mother Tulia Maria Valencia, community leaders and human rights defenders from Alto Mira and Frontera in the municipality of Tumaco, have been unjustly detained and accused of charges they did not commit.
Five years imprisonment and fine for Facebook post
Alnoldy Bahari has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for Facebook posts deemed to be insulting of Islam and for allegedly spreading «hate speech» under the country’s repressive Electronic Information and Transaction Law. Having only peacefully expressed his right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Alnoldy Bahari is a prisoner of conscience and must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Environmental defender killed, others at risk
A member of the Ríos Vivos (Living Rivers) Movement was killed on 2 May, the same day that the group carried out an all-day march against the Hidroituango hydroelectric project in Antioquia, Colombia. Members of the movement fear further reprisals.
Human rights activist unable to leave country
Ramón Esono Ebalé, a cartoonist and human rights activist who spent almost five months in prison after being falsely accused of counterfeiting money, remains unable to leave Equatorial Guinea due to authorities failing to provide him with a passport.
Peaceful protester in pre-trial detention
On 7 May, Dzerzhinsky District Court in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, remanded Mikhail Tsakunov in pre-trial detention until 4 July for alleged use of violence against a police officer. If found guilty, Mikhail Tsakunov could face 10 years in prison. However, the charges against him contravene publicly available video footage.
Up to 20 years in prison on trumped-up charges
Ahmed Mahloof faces charges of «terrorism» and «obstruction of police duty» for taking part in peaceful protests, along with charges of «false reporting» for two tweets about the police service. If found guilty of the trumped-up and politically motivated charges, the independent Maldivian politician could face nearly 20 years in prison.
Five activists arrested for organising protests
Five activists, Ibrahim Diori, Maïkoul Zodi, Abdourahamane Idé Hassane, Sadat Illiya Dan Malam and Yahaya Badamassi, were arrested between 15 and 25 April in Niger. Abdourahamane Idé Hassane has been released on bail while the other four activists are still in detention.
Three land defenders killed, others at risk
Luis Marroquin, José Can Xol and Mateo Chamám Paau, three land and territory defenders from different communities in Guatemala were killed in less than a week. Guatemalan authorities must take action to fully investigate these crimes and ensure that other defenders can carry out their work without fear for their safety.
Forcibly married, raped girl sentenced to death
Nineteen year old, Noura Hussein Hamad Daoud, was sentenced to death on 10 May for killing her husband in self-defence after he tried to rape her for a second time. The Central Criminal Court of Omdurman in Sudan, on 29 April, found her guilty of the murder of her husband Abdulrahman Mohamed Hammad. Noura’s case highlights the failure of the Sudan government to tackle the tragedy of early and forced marriage as well as marital rape.
Hundreds left homeless by forced evictions
Ugandan soldiers have been forcibly evicting communities in the Apaa area in northern Uganda since 15 March. So far, more than 250 homes have been burnt and destroyed, leaving hundreds of people, including children homeless. The evictions have been carried out by the authorities in violation of the constitution and international human rights law.
Serious health concerns for prisoner of conscience
Trần Anh Kim was convicted and sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment for «carrying out activities aimed at overthrowing the Peoples’ administration» in 2016. At 69 years of age, his health is deteriorating and according to his wife, «may not survive his lengthy imprisonment» as authorities have denied him adequate medical care. A prisoner of conscience, Trần Anh Kim must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Men convicted for exercising freedom of speech
Mohamed Kayse Mohamoud and Boqor Osman aw Muhamed Mohamed have been convicted for publicly exercising their rights to the freedom of expression.
Activist held immediately after returning home
Fumba Chama, affectionately known as Pilato, was arrested on 16 May on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda Airport in Lusaka. He had been forced to flee the country on 5 January after receiving threats on his life from members of the ruling Party, Patriotic Front.
Violent disruption threatens equality festival
The Ukrainian Police in the western Ukrainian town of Chernivtsi have advised the organizers of the Equality Festival to move it away from the city centre to an undisclosed location because far-right groups have threatened the event and are set on disrupting it. The police also claim that they are unable to offer a sufficient number of officers to protect the festival despite reports that members of different far-right groups from across Ukraine are planning to travel to Chernivtsi for the festival.
Intellectual disability claim as execution set
Clifton Williams is due to be executed in Texas on 21 June for a murder committed in 2005. The courts have rejected the claim that he has intellectual disability. His lawyers are seeking further review on this issue, as well as pursuing executive clemency.
Detained for addressing sexual harassment
Egyptian authorities ordered the pre-trial detention of woman human rights defender Amal Fathy, for a total of 30 days, after she posted a video on her Facebook page in which she shared her experience of sexual harassment and criticized the government over its failure to address the issue.
Displaced women, children denied right to food
Approximately 230 internally displaced women (known as the Knifar movement) and their children have not had food delivered to the internally displaced (IDP) camp since 18 April. Their food supply has run out. This denial of food to the women and their children is seen as an attempt by the authorities to force them to go back to their former homes where they would risk facing various human rights violations.
Indigenous defender killed, others at risk
Indigenous environmental rights defender Manuel Gaspar Rodríguez was found dead on 14 May in Cuetzalan, Puebla state. He was one of a number of defenders facing criminal investigation for their opposition to the construction of a high-voltage power line. These defenders are at grave risk and have recently been subject to attacks and intimidation.
Homes of religious minority destroyed by mob
Police evacuated at least 23 members of the Ahmadiyya religious minority in East Lombok to another town after neighbouring villagers destroyed their homes and possessions. Repeatedly attacked over a period of 24 hours, the community continue to face on-going intimidation and threats of damage to their property.
Human rights activist detained in Morocco
On 5 April, Moroccan authorities arrested Zine El Abidine Erradi upon his arrival from France at Agadir airport in Morocco. He is a human rights defender with refugee status in France who was travelling to Morocco as an exceptional measure after the French authorities provided him with a travel document allowing him to go to Morocco without losing his refugee status in France.
Saudi Arabia arrests women’s rights defenders
Prominent women human rights defenders Loujain al-Hathloul, Iman al-Nafjan and Aziza al-Yousef have been arbitrarily detained incommunicado since mid-May.
Protestors arrested on military coup anniversary
15 activists face criminal proceedings and up to seven years’ imprisonment for taking part in a peaceful pro-democracy protest on 22 May 2018 in Bangkok. Charges against them include sedition and violating a repressive ban on peaceful political assembly.
Detained rapper accused of promoting drugs
Rapper, Ezhel, was remanded on pre-trial detention on 23 May accused of «publicly promoting drug use» in his lyrics, music videos and social media posts. He faces up to 10 years imprisonment if he is found guilty.